BT Halo for Business 1 – Fibre 300 + Digital Phone Line

BT fibre broadband deals
Average Speed 314 Mbps
Unlimited Download
24 Month Contract
Yes Call Plan Included
£9.95 Installation Fee
£48.95 / Month Service Charge
No TV Package Included
We understand that keeping in touch with your customers, clients and colleagues is essential. We aim to give you the fastest possible broadband speed for your connection. For our range of business broadband and phone deals we show estimates of the download and upload speeds we expect you to get – plus give you a minimum guaranteed download speed. All our broadband deals for business give you a speed guarantee you can rely on. They’re tailored to your connection, so you can choose the right speed for what you need. And if your connection drops below the minimum speed we promised and we can’t fix it, you may be able to simply walk away.