4 signs your router needs upgrading

In recent years, we have spent more time at home, relying on our home broadband. We rely more than ever on our broadband to perform perfectly every day, sometimes for multiple members of the same household. However, you may not have considered replacing your router with an upgraded model. When should you seek to upgrade your router, and how do you know it’s time to do this? We look at four of the most common signs that your router needs upgrading.

Why is it important to upgrade your router?

It is vital to upgrade to a current router, as this will allow you to cheaply make your home network better. It should improve the range and capacity of your WiFi and mean that you enjoy a more reliable signal which is suited to the increased demands placed on your broadband.

No internet or dropping connection

Have you noticed that your internet is less reliable than it was when you first got your router? Whether you are getting internet outages for extended periods of time or a frequently dropping connection, this can be a sign that your router needs replacing. This might be because your router is unable to handle an increased need for the internet within your home, or it might simply be due to the age of the router.

Newer devices aren’t getting the speeds they are capable of

As you upgrade your devices, you will notice that you will frequently be promised incredible speed and connectivity. If you have recently purchased a new smartphone, laptop, or even a new app, you might find yourself disappointed that it isn’t achieving the promised speeds. This doesn’t always mean that your device is faulty, or that you have been the victim of false advertising – in some cases, an old router is simply not capable of keeping up!

Provider no longer supports it

In some cases, your provider will get in touch with you to tell you that they are no longer supporting an older router. This could mean that your router won’t work any longer, or that it will not be repaired or updated by your provider. In this case, your provider should send you a new router so that you can enjoy better speed and connectivity – if they haven’t done this, make sure to get in touch with them for a suitable replacement.

If it’s over three years old

Time moves differently when it comes to technology – if you remember setting up broadband with a router more than three years ago then that router is now considered to be old technology. Even if it is still working well, this could leave you open to modern cyber security risks, which newer models will be able to deal with easily.

Have you noticed any one of these four signs? Then it might be time to think about upgrading your router for better quality fibre broadband.

Broadband providers do not usually provide you with an upgraded router as standard, so it is important to be proactive – in a recent survey, only 10% of Compare Fibre users upgraded their router every 12-24 months. Why not make sure you’re covered and get the right router for your current needs?

If your contract is coming to an end, now’s a good time to push this through with your provider. If you switch provider, most providers will supply a brand new router as standard. You can find which providers do this on our fibre broadband deals page.

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