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What is a speed test and why is it important?

If you are considering changing the provider of your fibre broadband, the best way to ensure you switch to a fast and reliable provider is by completing a speed test. In this guide we explain what a speed test is and why is it useful.

What is a fibre broadband speed test?

A speed test is an effective way to test your internet connection, so you can compare it to other connections available in your local area. For example, a speed test will calculate your download speed, upload speed and network latency. Your download speed, for example, verifies how quickly your fibre broadband connection is able to download data such as web pages and videos from the internet to your computer or smart device.

Why run a speed test?

Many network providers advertise their speeds followed by the phrase ‘up to’, meaning customers are not guaranteed these network speeds. A speed test can help you determine precisely what speed you receive from your current provider.

This is useful when switching or finding a fibre broadband provider as it can help you determine which provider will offer you the best speed for the best price.

How to complete a speed test

Before starting a speed test, ensure you are not using your fibre broadband, e.g. if you live with housemates or your family, you should ask everyone to stop using the internet for a few minutes whilst you complete the speed test. This will ensure you get the most accurate results possible from your speed test.

To complete a speed test for free, use an online tool such as Compare Fibre and select the ‘Broadband Speed Test’ webpage. After starting the speed test, all you have to do it sit back and relax for a few moments whilst the speed test completes itself. Compare Fibre has partnered with Ofcom to ensure the data they show you is as accurate as possible.

After the speed test is complete, you should be shown data about the speed and efficiency of your broadband speed, e.g. your upload and download time.

You can complete the speed test as many times as you please and you may find that different locations in your home have better speed test results than others.

If the results of your speed are not what you expected or not what you need from a fibre broadband provider, you can then use Compare Fibre to find attractive and cost-effective broadband deals in your area.

Fibre broadband vs. normal broadband

If you currently have normal broadband, running a speed test will help you to see just how much your internet speeds could be improved by if you switch to fibre broadband. The benefits of using fibre broadband over normal broadband include…

• Availability

Fibre broadband is much more easily available than cable broadband and is even available in remote areas in the UK.

• Flexible

With fibre broadband, multiple devices can be connected to the same network without compromising the performance quality of the network. For example, a large household can all connect their smartphones, tablets and desktops to the same fibre network and all receive high-performance quality.

• Reliable

Due to its consistently high speeds, fibre broadband is much more reliable than normal broadband. This makes it ideal for all individuals and households, especially if an individual is dependent on their broadband connection, e.g. they work from home.

Complete a speed test today!

If you would like to compare your current broadband against fibre broadband providers in your area, complete a speed test on Compare Fibre today. For more information, get in touch with Compare Fibre.