Broadband Review - Vodafone Gigacube 5G

5G mobile broadband is speeding up the internet in homes across the UK. Find out more about Vodafone’s Gigacube 5G wireless options.
5G mobile broadband is speeding up the internet in homes across the UK. Government investment is being ploughed into ensuring homes have access to superfast or ultrafast broadband, bringing the UK in line with other European countries. Ultrafast broadband is classed as an internet speed of at least 300Mbps by Ofcom, and more and more homes are getting access to this.
Whilst many home broadband connections are delivered by either fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), or the faster fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections, mobile broadband is becoming an incredibly popular option. With the development of the 5G network, customers are looking to use mobile broadband over FTTC or FTTP connections.
With innovative products coming onto the market such as Vodafone’s Gigacube, more and more homes will be connected by mobile broadband.

5G Broadband Explained

It used to be the case that for the majority of the population, the only time we used mobile broadband was on our smartphones. Home broadband currently tends to be delivered by fixed lines such as the cable network provided by Virgin Media, or the Openreach network provided by most other internet service providers.
The uptake of 5G mobile broadband is currently very low across the UK. There is still only a small coverage area, and people are concerned about its potential cost. Additionally, at the moment not many people own devices that are 5G-enabled. However, a 5G broadband router such as the Vodafone Gigacube enables customers to enjoy ultrafast broadband speeds on all their devices, even if they are not 5G-enabled.

Vodafone Gigacube Explained

There are a small number of mobile broadband providers that are expanding their services away from solely connecting smartphones by tapping into the home broadband market. Vodafone already offers fixed-line broadband services to homes across the UK, but they are now utilising their nationwide mobile network coverage in order to offer 5G mobile broadband to customers.
The Vodafone Gigacube is the ideal solution for customers who want superfast broadband but can’t access it – whether that is because they only have copper cable networks in their area or if ISPs in their location do not offer the speeds they require.

How to Get the Vodafone Gigacube

Currently, it is not as simple as just going to the store or online and purchasing a Vodafone Gigacube. Whilst you can take out a Gigacube 5G mobile contract online, you need Vodafone customer services to help you complete the purchase.
Clicking on to the Vodafone Gigacube webpage, you can view what contracts are available, however, cannot currently purchase them. To do this, simply contact Vodafone customer services and complete the checkout process.

Setting up the Gigacube

The Vodafone Gigacube comes with a manual, an ethernet cable, a 5G sim card, and, of course, the 5G router. Simply pop the sim into the Gigacube and plug the router into a mains plug socket (try to avoid plugging it into extension leads if possible). Connect the cube using the WiFi password that is printed on the bottom of the router and visit the router’s settings page on your connected device to change settings and finish setting up your internet access.
A little known fact is that 5G is less penetrative than 4G. This means it may take some trial and error before you find the perfect spot in your house that allows you to get the best mobile broadband signal. Placing the router close to a window will help it pick up a stronger signal. You can determine the signal strength being received by the router by red, amber and green lights on the front of it, which indicate signal strength.

Huawei 5G CPE Pro

A point to note is that the Gicagube router is not a bespoke piece of equipment from Vodafone. As is the case with both EE and Three’s home broadband service, the hub is made by Huawei. 5G is still so new, there are not many routers currently available. Huawei’s one is currently the best on the market, so providers are selecting it due to its qualities.
The CPE Pro router is capable of handling up to 64 internet-connected devices at any one time. Its WiFi range is strong and should easily connect an entire house, and has two ethernet ports so you can set up a wired connection if required.

The Huawei 5G Ban

Customers may be worried about the Huawei network ban that is coming into force in the UK. However, the 5G CPE Pro router is simply exactly that. A physical router. The Huawei ban focuses on removing Huawei networks. The Gigacube does not utilise any Huawei networks, so Huawei will not have access to your personal details.

Vodafone Gigacube Speed and Price

Internet speed is not specified on the Vodafone Gigacube webpage. However, customers report speeds of around 150Mbps, which is a massive increase compared to the average 10Mbps offered by a fixed-line connection. 150Mbps will easily handle multiple devices streaming, playing games and downloading music simultaneously.
The Vodafone Gigacube is relatively expensive compared to other home 5G offerings. The monthly price of the contract is determined by speed and the length of the contract. Both 30-day and 18-month contracts are available. The cost of 100GB per month is £30, 200GB per month is £40, and unlimited usage (subject to a fair usage policy) costs £50 per month.

Vodafone Gigacube Reliability

Whilst the Vodafone 5G Gigacube gives ultrafast mobile broadband to houses that may not have a good broadband connection, unfortunately, it can be less reliable and more inconsistent. The speed can fluctuate throughout the day ranging from 10Mbps to over 200Mbps. Some devices may not be able to connect to the mobile broadband if the speed drops and available bandwidth is too low.

Verdict on Vodafone Gigacube

Home 5G mobile broadband is still a very new concept. However, for homes in the UK that have 5G coverage, a Vodafone Gigacube is a great option. It can offer speeds higher than fixed-line connections and has the benefit of being able to be taken with you if you move between different properties a lot.
With no line-rental, it can prove to be a great option for many customers.