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  • Citizen’s Advice report claims 1 in 6 is struggling to afford broadband (1)
  • Ofcom found the average household spend on broadband and landline was £37.25 (2)
  • Broadband is a human right – never more has this been more obvious than during coronavirus
  • Lower-income households are having to choose between e-learning and food; this is fundamentally wrong

“Why are we expecting lower income household to choose whether to get a loaf of bread, or pint of milk, over paying a broadband bill? It’s hard enough trying to keep safe, make ends meet and homeschool kids at the moment. As a nation, we should be supporting access to the internet, e-learning whatever it takes.

You can see a time when Job Centres and Government subsidised back to work training schemes are 100% online, but those that most need this support can’t afford the Internet access. It’s a total absurdity!

As and when the Covid pandemic ends, there’s a £20 benefit uplift that could go towards paying for an Internet connection for those most in need. There are services at decent speeds costing less than £20, just ask Origin, Onespeed or Origin for example.” 

Radaam Thirlway – Co-Founder Compare Fibre


Enabling lower-income household to eat, learn and work, should be a top government priority. Access to the internet is a human right fundamentally connected to a basic standard of living.

Gigabit and rural voucher schemes (3) has been in operation for years subsidising the cost of installing new fast and reliable connections for homes and SME businesses. There’s no reason why the Government couldn’t swiftly implement a similar scheme to assist those in need with affordable broadband access.

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