Do you need to tell your broadband provider you are switching?

If you are experiencing issues with your current broadband package, you may have looked around for a new provider. Whether you aren’t receiving the speeds that were promised to you or you have discovered a better deal via a broadband comparison website, it has never been easier to move providers.

When switching broadband, depending on the option you choose you may have to inform your present provider, in some cases, pay exit fees. However, there are instances where this is unnecessary. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the fastest way to accomplish this along with key details to consider, your broadband.

How long before my contract ends should I tell my provider?

As a rule, most broadband providers will require you to inform them that you are terminating your contract with 30 days’ notice, but this may vary from company to company. Always check the terms and conditions of your agreement before notifying your provider.

If you are switching from or to a ‘full-fibre’ or fibre-to-the-premise service or you will have to stop the service from your current provider and begin another service with your new provider by contacting them both.

However, you can use a one-stop switch if you are moving to a new broadband provider that uses the same network as your current provider. As a result, your new provider will arrange the transfer.

When can I switch my broadband?

Every broadband service purchase offers you a 14-day cooling-off period and you switch providers at any time during this term without incurring a penalty. You can also switch broadband without paying an exit charge if you are not receiving the speeds promised. At any point in your broadband contract, you are entitled to switch providers, but you will likely have to pay a penalty for leaving early.

What happens once I have confirmed I am switching?

After confirming that you are switching, your current provider will let you know of any payments outstanding and additional charges if applicable. They will also inform you of the date when your services will be switched over to your new provider. Typically, you will receive an email notification or a letter by post that includes all these details.

Will I lose my connection in between switching?

In most cases, you will find you can switch with little-to-no service interruption. The new broadband provider you select will let you know when the broadband switch will happen and explain whether you are likely to experience any disruption or loss of service.

Communication is key when switching service agreements with different broadband providers. Always consult your contract and plan your move at a time which will be the least disruptive and the most financially viable to make the most of the benefits of switching.

Contact both your current and new provider where possible and make sure you understand any charges and the timetable involved in switching from one broadband service to another. By following these steps, you can avoid unnecessary costs and service interruptions.