How Sustainable is your Broadband?

In recent years, ethical shopping has grown from a niche interest to a genuine mission by many. The ethical shopping movement is something that is not just for the few resulting in a huge increase in  public pressure for more corporate focus on social responsibility worldwide.

The ethical shopping movement doesn’t stop at the places you buy your every day food and clothing; it can include your utilities and broadband service provider as well. 

Broadband customers are typically interested in the speed and reliability of their broadband, but many are looking into how environmentally friendly their broadband supplier. 

What is an ethical provider? 

It is important that an ethical broadband suppliers demonstrates the following:

  • Ensure their offices use renewable energy sources
  • Use environmentally friendly materials
  • Work with charities and others with a goal toward preserving our environment- Like Cuckoo, who give 1% of your bill to charity.
  • As an employer they encourage staff participation in ethical practises

Which Supplier is the Greenest?

The good news is that there are quite a few to choose from! However they all offer something different, so comparing them could be tricky. Once you know which supplier falls into your consumer ethical requirements it is easy to key in your postcode, and switch your broadband supplier.

Depending on your location, these are some of the better options on the market today:

  • Green ISP – This broadband supplier has achieved carbon-neutral status, with offices powered by solar energy. Every customer who signs a contract for services has a tree planted in their name, so you have that going for your karma.
  • GreenNet – offers internet services to supporters of peace, environment and human rights
  • Sky – one of the largest suppliers in the UK is pledging to be carbon neutral by 2030. Sky Digital has been carbon neutral since 2007, using 100% renewable energy in all offices in England, Scotland, and Wales. 
  • ECOminutes – Relatively new on the UK broadband scene, they are actually owned by TalkTalk, working in partnership with Opal. The routers they provide to their customers (free) use only eight watts of electricity. This company also offsets 1 tonne of carbon for every connection they acquire
  • Newcomer to the market – Cuckoo Internet is also rocking the broadband boat for many reason including 1% of your invoice going towards projects like getting internet support to disaster zones and areas in conflict

Other ethical broadband suppliers include Utility Warehouse, and Zen Internet.  

For more up to date information on this check out the ethical brand ranking website

Will you be switching your broadband to an ethical supplier any time soon?