Best routers for your home broadband in 2022

When you’re setting up broadband at your property, the router is an important concern. If you have been using the same device for some time, you may find that your internet speed is suffering. In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the best wifi routers and answer some commonly asked questions.

What is a router?

A router is a device that is designed to connect multiple packet-switched subnetworks and networks. Its first function is to effectively manage traffic between the networks by forwarding on data packets to the IP addresses that they are intended for. The second job of a router is to allow multiple devices to make use of a single internet connection.

How our broadband habits have changed what makes a good router

In March 2020 when the pandemic began, broadband usage changed dramatically. To stop the spread of COVID-19, the Government enforced lockdowns and many people across the country began to work and study from home. To facilitate this, enterprises and schools brought forward their plans for digital transformation to stay resilient. These factors increased broadband use radically; even now, many people continue to work from home.

As a result, a reliable router has become essential. What makes a good router for you depends on your broadband usage. A router with a fast-processing speed, sufficient RAM and the ability to support multiple devices that are both wired and wireless is typically the best option.

How often should you upgrade your router?

Experts advise that routers should be replaced at least every five years, however, homes that use multiple smart devices are likely to need to upgrade their device more often, usually with every new contract. This ensures that as your bandwidth or devices on the network increases, your router will be able to handle all data without a hitch. Newer routers often have up to date firmware and security protocols, protecting your home from external cyber threats.

A recent Compare Fibre study found that 33 per cent of routers in use by customers were on average up to approximately 36 months old. The study also uncovered that only around 38 per cent of Compare Fibre users typically replace their router every time they begin a new broadband contract.

Best WiFi routers in 2022

For households looking for the best routers, there are many options on offer. The EE 4G router, for example, is quick to set up and doesn’t require an engineer to visit your home. The speeds available will depend on the plan you pick, but EE has confirmed that their routers in 2022 are capable of delivering their fastest speeds- 1Gbps. It has two ports for wired connections but can also support up to 64 different wireless devices, thanks to its 30-metre Wi-Fi radius.

Like the option mentioned from EE, a Sky router is also easy to get up and running, providing that you or a previous resident have already had Sky services at your address and won’t require a professional installation. The latest models can connect four wired devices and 64 wireless devices.

If you would prefer to source your own router, Compare Fibre experts recommend the Unifi Dream Machine router. It’s a near-perfect gigabit Wifi-6 router- ideal for those who process a lot of data or have a gigabit connection. However, retailing at around the £300 mark, it is an investment in your home network and should only be considered if necessary.

Ultimately, the best router to buy will always be guided by the way you use your broadband and how many devices are likely to be connected at any given time. For the best results, always upgrade your current make and model to ensure it is not impacting WiFi performance.

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