Can I keep my landline when switching broadband provider?

Switching broadband is a lot more straightforward than you think. If you’re worried about the stress of giving a new number out to family and friends when you switch, there’s a way to keep your landline number when moving to a new provider.

Let’s answer your questions regarding how to switch broadband so you can change providers with confidence.

How do I keep my number when switching broadband?

So you’ve found the provider you want to switch to, and you’re sure you don’t want broadband without your current landline number. First things first, Ofcom regulations state that your current home broadband provider should let you keep your landline number when switching providers. However, your new provider doesn’t have to accept your plea to move your number, but generally, they will.

Now that’s clear, let’s discuss how to keep your current number when switching to a better broadband bundle or deal. Whilst arranging the switch with your new provider, ask them if they can make the number transfer. It should be easy to ask the customer service team and swiftly get a response.

Keeping your existing landline telephone number when you switch is known as number ‘porting’. When in communication with your new provider, let them know the number you wish to keep, and they will do all the technical work behind the scenes whilst your switch is in progress.

Is there a cost to keep my landline?

No. When you have broadband with a landline, switching providers and transferring your number across will not cost you any more than the deal you agreed to.

Can I keep the same number when switching broadband?

You can keep the same number when switching broadband if your new provider accepts the request. When switching providers, you don’t need to contact your current provider; your new provider will organise the entire transfer for you.

If you’re moving home, there may be some reasons why you’ll have to alter your number, such as:

  • If you are moving to the same area, your new provider will likely let you keep the same number. Most providers want to accommodate you and help you keep the same number when switching. Check with the new provider before signing up to guarantee you can save your number.
  • If you are moving to a different area with a different telephone exchange, it’s unlikely you can keep your old number. Because it’s a new area code, you must let all your family and friends know your new landline number.

What are the alternatives if I can’t keep my broadband with landline?

Not being able to keep your landline can be frustrating, but one alternative is getting broadband without landline. You might think that you’ll rarely use your landline or would like a different option; it’s best to speak to your new provider’s customer service team to discuss your options. If you can’t keep your current landline number and you still want broadband with a landline, you will have to accept a new number.