The ultimate guide to Mobile Broadband in 2022

If you’re currently looking into new Wi-Fi packages, have you considered switching to mobile broadband instead? It’s one of the many types of broadband available in the UK, alongside standard fixed line broadband. However, with the Gigabit rollout moving slowly, if you need a superfast connection quickly and you live in an area with slow infrastructure, mobile broadband is a good alternative in 2022. Here we explanation of what it is and how it works.

What is mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband allows you to connect to the internet from anywhere. Devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones can all use mobile broadband. It has most often been used in locations where there is no Wi-Fi access available but now, with much stronger 4G signals available in more locations and 5G on the way, it is becoming much more common to see mobile broadband used instead of a typical Wi-Fi connection.

How does mobile broadband work?

Mobile broadband uses 4G, and soon 5G mobile, networks to grant internet access. Depending on the strength of the connection in your area, it may be faster in some places than others.

3G connection is also possible to use but due to the fact it is much slower, it isn’t recommended.

How is mobile broadband installed?

An antenna is installed outside your home to boost and amplify the 4G or 5G signals in your area. There will also be a router in your home which will use these boosted signals to connect to the internet.

With many packages, the cost of this installation is included in the price but that isn’t always the case. It’s worth checking this while looking into mobile broadband deals.

What router do you get with mobile broadband?

With mobile broadband, you will get a router very similar to a home Wi-Fi router. This will be a 4G or 5G router through which you can connect to the internet. The router will support all the connected devices in your home. It may also offer the option for a wired connection when even higher speeds are required.

A 5G connection will not yet be available in many areas but is set to become more common in the coming years. As such, a 5G router may not be available depending on your location.

How much does a standard mobile broadband connection cost in 2022?

Pricing for a mobile broadband connection can range from between £12 and £50 per month. This pricing will depend upon the speed of the connection offered and the amount of data made available to use. There are also other costs you should look out for, such as upfront costs for the installation of your router and antenna. There may also be additional charges included in the package if you run over your allowed amount of data.

One advantage over most home internet deals is that mobile broadband deals tend to be much more flexible. Rather than standard 12 or 24-month contracts, there are options such as rolling monthly and pay-as-you-go agreements.

With such a huge range of options, it can be hard to find the deal which suits you best. Compare Fibre can help with this by showing you the speeds, prices and other details of broadband providers in your area.

What to consider when switching broadband