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Review: TrueSpeed Fibre – RATING 9/10


Guaranteed minimum speed which is often exceeded, thanks to ownership of their network.
Flexible package options for businesses. Strong community support with their demand-led service.


Currently only available in the South West. Can be more expensive. It can take up to 18 months to bring their service to your community.

Overview Of Truespeed Fibre

TrueSpeed Broadband is a relatively new name in the world of ultrafast fibre broadband. Their service is unique as it is delivered entirely via fibre optic connection. TrueSpeed operates out of the South West of the United Kingdom and specialises in providing their network into rural and smaller communities that are often neglected by the larger suppliers. The South West of the UK is often victim to frequent drops in service and frustratingly slow speeds delivered at peak times. TrueSpeed Broadband claims to banish the banality of buffering and offers a unique dedicated service for these counties and has, thus far, delivered an impressive and unparalleled broadband solution for rural communities. The other element of their operation that makes TrueSpeed unique is how they engage the communities that they operate in – an essential part of their business model that has seen them chosen as the favourite across the South West. When they bring their service to an area, they offer free internet to the local schools and community hubs within that area.

Hyperfast Speeds With Truespeed Fibre

TrueSpeed’s Fibre Broadband’s speed guarantees a minimum of 200Mbps during peak times. This lowest guarantee is a smart move as most of their competitors offer a maximum they can reach. But, for most of TrueSpeed’s target demographic, having a guaranteed minimum is more reassuring than expecting the lofty heights of 900Mbps. In comparison to other top broadband providers, TrueSpeed is not the fastest. Hyperoptic broadband offers a speed of up to 900Mbps with unlimited usage however their service is currently only available in 43 towns and cities across the UK including Greater London, Leeds, Glasgow and Newcastle. BT fibre also has offers of up to 900Mbps and EE fibre and ZEN fibre offer speeds up to 300Mbps yet Sky fibre offers speeds of 285Mbps. However, these speeds do not compare when placed in the South West region where speeds are much slower and inconsistent. There are multiple packages offered by TrueSpeed that offers incremental minimum speed guarantees from 250Mbps up to GB territory. There are packages to suit every requirement whether you need access for your home or your business.

Coverage: Where Is Truespeed Available?

TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband currently operates only within the South West region of the UK and has large active community hubs particularly around Bristol. However, their currently active sites do not reflect the potential areas and communities they are currently in discussions with; as TrueSpeed provides direct network links to whole communities, their rate of expansion is slower than some of their competitors. TrueSpeed offers a coverage checker on their website here If you are interested in TrueSpeed, but they do not currently operate in your area, contact their Engagement Team to see how you can become a TrueSpeed Champion and representative for your community.

What Router Is Provided With Truespeed Fibre?

TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband offers a unique installation alternative to the classic router. As their network is brought to your property directly by fibre link, their equipment is still sleek and discreet but perhaps don’t expect your traditional router. The bonus here is that the network feeds to you directly without being distilled through any other third parties; meaning drop-outs are far less likely with TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband.

Installation: How Does The Truespeed Installation Process Work?

As they own and manage their own network, installation for TrueSpeed can be more disruptive than just switching to BT. For starters, if they are not currently operating in your area, you’ll need at least 30% of your community to sign up to their service to engage in having them as your provider. As opposed to other suppliers, TrueSpeed connects their fibre cables directly into your property as opposed to their competitors. The latter connect to a cabinet and then into your home or business via copper cables. This direct fibre link means you have the full strength of the service running into your home. Before they install, they’ll discuss and liaise with you to ensure that the equipment goes in the most convenient space in your home. On the broader sense, when they run their service into your community, they try and use existing telegraph poles and ducting to connect you to their network – sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Customer Service: Is Truespeed Support Any Good?

TrueSpeed customer service offers multiple ways in which to contact them and their website provide various platforms and ways to do this. In general, it seems that TrueSpeed’s customer service is of very high quality and ranks very highly in reviews of their service. With local operators at the end of the phone and technicians that are South West based, their customers in the more rural parts of the United Kingdom are proactive in their praise of the customer service of the brand. Through numerous reviews by verified TrueSpeed customers, the customer service team at TrueSpeed are exceptional – they are receptive to the little criticism that they take and their response times to call-outs and issues reported by customers appears to be hours, not days.


From its users, the opinion feels unanimous in their praise for the broadband supplier with customers cheering their local attitude, quick call-out times, and community projects. Many seem to be understanding of the occasional drop-out and the level of service that they receive all year round, alongside excellent communication from their customer service team, makes any issues far more palatable than the more massive faceless corporation. Comparatively, their speed is not as fast as other providers, but this is only when compared across the UK. As TrueSpeed currently only operate within the SouthWest, their speeds are, on average, higher for the region than their larger competitors.