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Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From CityFibre?

What is a fibre speed test, and why should you do one?

Fibre is a fantastic development in communications technology, allowing faster internet speeds than ever before. Knowing what speed you’re getting is essential, however, if you want to make sure your service provider is giving you the best deal. Doing a Cityfibre speed test takes only a matter of moments, and can provide you with some truly essential information.

What is fibre?

First, it’s important to understand what fibre actually is. Fibre refers to the cables used to transmit data that forms your internet connection. Normally these cables are made of copper, but in recent years, fibre optic cables have started to become more popular. A fibre optic cable is made up of many individual optical fibres which are used to bounce light down the length of the connection. They’re a part of the next generation of connectivity.

What does fibre do?

The key thing to know about a fibre connection is that it’s much faster than a regular copper cable. That means service providers are able to provide considerably higher upload and download speeds than you get from a standard connection.

Why would you need fibre?

Fibre gives you a faster internet connection, which is reason enough to want it. It can handle a considerably higher rate of data transfer, which means a much smoother connection with fewer interruptions. Fibre is great if you stream a lot of movies or media, you regularly download things, or you’re a part of a household that has multiple connections. The higher data speed means multiple devices can be connected to the same network without the considerable effect on download speed you get with standard copper cables. A fibre connection can also make a difference if you’re a gamer, offering faster downloads and more stable connectivity for online play.

What is a Cityfibre speed test?

A fibre speed test is a simple test that is designed to give you some clear figures about your connectivity. Connectivity is usually measured in megabits or gigabits per second, and that figure determines the quality of your connection.

How do fibre speed tests work?

Fibre speed tests are designed to test the upload and download speed of your connection. They do that by determining a server, then having your system both upload and download to it. Over a given amount of time, usually 10 to 30 seconds, the system will determine how much data your system has been able to transfer – that will give you your mega or gigabit per second figures. It’s important to note that fibre speed tests are completely anonymous and don’t use or collect any personal data whatsoever during testing.

What are fibre speed tests used for?

A fibre speed test is useful for determining if your connection is up to par with what you have been promised from your internet service provider. It’s important to note that certain things can affect the test, such as someone else downloading something on the same network while you’re trying to use it. For the best and most reliable results possible, you should ensure nobody else is using the network and you’re not downloading anything while you do it. You should also plug directly into your router for the most accurate results. Even so, a fibre speed test can be an invaluable tool in tracking not only what your provider offers, but what other providers in your area can.

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