BT Fibre Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From BT?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From BT?

BT Fibre Speed Test

BT Fibre broadband is one of the most popular broadband choices in the UK, alongside other big names like Sky and Virgin. BT prides itself on the reliability of its fibre broadband services, and they even offer a guarantee to ensure their customers are receiving consistently high speeds.

But what if you’re a BT customer and you’re unsure if you’re actually getting the high speeds you’ve signed up for? You could check BT broadband reviews and see if there is a general problem. But how can you tell what your broadband speed is at your house? Simple – you can take a BT speed test, right here on Compare Fibre.

What does a broadband speed test do?

A broadband speed test measures the speed of your fibre internet connection. It’s a fast, easy way to get an accurate reading of the speed you’re receiving on your broadband right now. You don’t need to contact tech support to carry out a speed test: you can do it just by clicking a button on a web page. When you run a broadband speed test, it will measure the speed of your current connection for downloads and uploads, and you’ll see the results in under a minute.

Why do I need a BT broadband speed test?

If you’re not happy with the speed of your BT broadband and you want to know what the actual speed is, then you should definitely take a BT speed test. The reason for this is that the speed test will give you a precise measurement, and if you’re getting in touch with your broadband provider to complain about low speeds it will help to have some numbers to hand. Maybe you’re also noticing that speeds are going up or down depending on the time of day? Doing a BT speed test at different times of day can tell you for sure if this is happening.

Fibre broadband is designed for speed and offers a much faster connection than standard broadband. Many fibre broadband providers, including BT, guarantee their speed. This means you can legitimately complain if you’re not receiving that speed, which is another prime reason why you should be making a BT speed test to check your broadband speed regularly.

How can I take a BT broadband speed test?

You can test your BT Fibre broadband speed right here on Compare Fibre. Head over to the BT Fibre Broadband Speed Test page, click on “Start BT Speed Test” and then click the Go button. The moving graphic will show you that the test is underway. When it’s complete it will display your results right there on the page, and you’ll see speeds for Ping, Downloads and Uploads.

The Download Speed result is the one which shows you how fast you’re able to browse the web or stream video etc. It’s measured in Megabits per second (Mbps), and if you’re paying for a certain speed level you should compare it to this number on the speed test.

To get an accurate result, you should do a speed test when no other devices are using the broadband connection. If you’re using a computer, you might also want to try plugging it into your router using a cable instead of connecting wirelessly. You can run the test more than once to see if you keep getting similar results, and as mentioned above it is worth doing speed tests at different times of day to see if the speed goes up and down.

If the speed test shows that you are not receiving the speeds that you’re supposed to get with your contract, then you can complain to BT about the BT speedtest result. If you want to switch to a new provider, Compare Fibre will show you all of the fibre broadband deals available in your area.