Vodafone Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From Vodafone?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From Vodafone?

Vodafone Speed Test

Most people are familiar with Vodafone’s mobile network services, but Vodafone is actually a prominent fibre broadband provider as well. They offer fibre broadband speeds from the entry-level 35Mbps Superfast service right up to 900Mbps via their new Gigafast service.

Vodafone’s contracts offer unlimited fibre broadband usage. Fibre broadband is much faster than regular broadband because it uses fibre optic cables rather than traditional copper cables. Fibre optic can handle a lot more data, which makes for a far faster internet speed. But how can you check if you’re getting the speeds that are advertised by your broadband provider? The easiest way is to take a speed test on Compare Fibre.

What exactly is a Vodafone speed test?

A fibre broadband speed test is a free online service that analyses your fibre broadband speed in just a few seconds. A speed test can be done in your internet browser on either a computer or a mobile device. The test measures your current speeds for downloads and uploads, and it will give you the results straight away. It’s a quick and easy way to measure the speed you’re getting on your connection.

Do I need to use a Vodafone fibre broadband speed test?

As mentioned above, fibre broadband offers much faster speeds than a traditional broadband service and therefore it’s usually a premium, more expensive service. You might even be guaranteed a certain speed by your broadband company. So it definitely makes sense to check your speed and see if you’re receiving the speed you’ve signed up for.

A fibre broadband speed test is also a great way to measure your speed if you’re having any problems with your connection, or you think it might be running slower than expected. That way, if you need to contact your provider and make a complaint about your speed, you’ll have a measurement to give them so they can investigate.

How do I carry out a Vodafone speed test?

To test your Vodafone Fibre broadband speed on Compare Fibre broadband , just go to the Vodafone Fibre Broadband Speed Test page. When you click on the Go button the test will start straight away and you’ll see the dial graphic telling you what’s being measured. After a few seconds, you’ll get your results. It’s that simple and no sign-in is required.

In order to get the best possible result from your fibre broadband speed test, there are a few things you should do before testing. Turn off any other computers, games consoles and handheld devices etc that are connected to your wireless network. Try to stand close to your router or use a wired connection rather than wifi. Also make sure your computer/device isn’t in the middle of downloading anything. This will all help to get an accurate result. You can also do the test more than once to see if you’re getting consistent results. Some people find that their speed varies throughout the day, so you can also take the speed test at different times of day to compare the results.

What do I do with my Vodafone speed test results?

If your fibre broadband speed test results show that you’re not getting the speed that your provider advertises, then you should contact them about it. With a fibre connection, you’re paying for fast speeds so you should be getting that speed at all times. Your provider may be able to run diagnostic tests to find out why you’re not getting the correct speed.

Not happy with your speed? If you want to switch provider, then Compare Fibre has all the information you need to compare the best fibre broadband deals in your area.