Toob Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From Toob?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From Toob?

What is a Toob fibre speed test, and why would you need to do one?

Toob offers a range of fibre broadband deals. They are still a relatively small fibre provider, but in the areas they do cover, Toob provides some attractive connection speeds. In order to find out what speeds other users have had using Toob fibre, and to understand the speeds you’re experiencing, you need to think about doing a fibre speed test on Compare Fibre.

But what actually is a speed test, and why should you do one? First, let’s talk about fibre.

What is fibre?

When someone mentions “fibre”, what they mean is fibre internet connectivity. Typically, the wires used to establish connection lines are made of copper. Copper is used because it’s quite conductive and relatively cheap. Fibre, on the other hand, uses fibre optic lines instead, and the cables work by bouncing light back and forth at immense speed to transfer data. Previously very expensive, technology has progressed to the point that fibre is now much more affordable.

What is the benefit of fibre?

A fibre connection is going to be able to provide you with a much faster internet speed. Fibre optic cables are capable of carrying much more data at a much faster rate than their copper counterparts. More data capability means a faster connection.

Why would you need a fibre connection?

Fibre connections are great for people who simply want a faster connection or those who download or upload a lot of data. So, for example, if you regularly download music and movies, they will download much faster on a fibre connection. If you enjoy playing video games, fibre will provide a more consistent connection during play.

Similarly, if you live in a house with several other people who will all be connected at the same time, it means you won’t experience the buffering and connection issues that stem from the connection being overloaded. You can stream a movie in one room, while someone else plays online games in the next. Fibre is also useful if you have a variety of Wi-Fi devices in your home.

What is a fibre speed test?

A fibre speed test is a very quick process that will allow you to determine the speeds you’re getting from your fibre connection.

How does it work?

The fibre speed tests work very simply – we will do an upload and download test to one of our dedicated servers, timing how long it takes and using that information to determine your connection speed. Your connection speed is measured in megabytes, or gigabytes in very rare cases, per second – this translates to how much data your connection is able to transmit. The higher the number, the better your connection.

It’s important to note that for the best possible Toob fibre connection speeds, you need to be connected via your cable to the router itself. If other people are using the internet in your home while you do the test, it may not give you a true representation of the speeds you’re actually getting. You should also do more than one test to establish an average.

Do your Toob fibre speed test today

Doing a Toob fibre speed test is one of the best ways to determine the speed of your connection, and to ensure you’re getting the Toob fibre connection you are paying for. Doing a Toob fibre speed test is quick, easy, and completely anonymous – it collects no personal data whatsoever. Do your fibre speed test in moments today by using Compare Fibre.