Plusnet Fibre Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From Plusnet?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From Plusnet?

Plusnet Fibre Speed Test

Are you getting what you need from your Plusnet broadband? Is it time to upgrade to one of the company’s fibre broadband options? Or perhaps you would be better off with a package from one of the UK’s other fibre broadband providers? Your starting point is a broadband speed test.

Perform a quick and easy internet speed test on Compare Fibre today, and discover if your connection is lagging behind.

There are plenty of advantages offered by a broadband speed test. Before we tell you about the benefits, here is some information on how a broadband speed test works.

What does a broadband speed test do?

A broadband speed test allows you to measure the speed and quality of your broadband connection. You can perform the test on Compare Fibre from your connected device – be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. The test result is produced by several smaller tests which are automatically performed in quick succession, measuring elements like download speed, upload speed and ping (latency). These findings contribute to the final speed, which will appear on the screen after just a few seconds.

The benefits of a speed test?

It helps to know your speed

Why play the guessing game when it comes to your broadband speed? We might think of our broadband connection as ‘fast’ or ‘slow’, but unless we know the actual speed that is being received, we’re at a disadvantage. Perform a broadband test on Compare Fibre today and discover which speed you are actually getting, giving you a better idea of the speed you require. You’ll also be able to calculate download times and your video streaming capabilities a lot more easily.

Solve problems

A speed test can help you solve problems which could be causing slow internet speeds. Is the issue with your broadband connection, or with a particular device? By running a broadband speed test on several devices, you can see where the issue arises.

Are you receiving the speed you paid for?

The speed you are getting may be very different from the one you are paying for. Note that some broadband providers advertise ‘up to’ speeds, which can be vastly different from the average speed you will end up receiving. So rather than making an approximation of the speed you might be getting, a Compare Fibre broadband speed test can give you an accurate reading. As speeds can vary at different times of the day or night, you could perform several tests in order to give you a clearer picture of the average speed.

Get informed

Once you know the speed you are receiving, you might decide it is time to change provider or upgrade from normal broadband to a faster fibre broadband package. Depending on the speed you are getting and the terms of your contract, it may be possible to terminate your current deal. After you find out your current internet speed, you will be better placed to assess your needs, knowing how many Mbps you require in order to do all the things you want on the internet – from watching movies with no interruptions, to smooth video conferencing or downloading music quickly.

How to perform a Compare Fibre speed test

Testing your internet speed at Compare Fibre is easy. Simply click the ‘start speed test’ button on this page to begin the test, and in just a few seconds, your broadband speed will appear on the screen. If the speed is slower than you expected or confirms concerns about your connection quality, it might be time to compare fibre broadband deals.