Wessex Internet Fibre Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From Wessex?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From Wessex?

Wessex Fibre Speed Test

Are you getting what you need from your broadband connection? If you are struggling to do things like download movies, stream live video and audio, and connect with friends and family via Skype and Zoom, then it may be time to think about an upgrade.

Wessex Internet offers several wireless broadband and enhanced fibre broadband packages, but before you scour the market, what exactly is your current internet speed? You can find out right now by performing a broadband speed test on Compare Fibre.

You can test your internet speed quickly and easily on this page, and there are multiple benefits. Before we look at the advantages of a broadband speed test, we will explain how it works.

How do Wessex speed tests work?

A Wessex Fibre Speed Test can be performed using any connected device – such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. The final speed which is calculated comes from a succession of small tests which are done in a matter of milliseconds. These include tests for ping (latency), download speed, and upload speed. Using a local server which is automatically identified, this data all goes into determining your broadband speed.

What are the benefits of performing a Wessex speed test with Compare Fibre?

Stop wondering

Why take a ‘stab in the dark’ with your broadband speed? You may think of your connection as fast, slow, or somewhere in between, but knowing the actual speed can be an excellent starting point. After performing a broadband speed test on Compare Fibre, you won’t need to guess any more. After you know the internet speed you are really receiving, you can work out your needs more effectively. You can also understand better the quality of video streaming which will work best on your devices, and how many people in your household or workspace can use the connection concurrently, without major disruptions.

Problem buster

Slow internet could strike at any time, but it is important to know if your broadband is the cause, or if it is a specific device which you are using. Performing a broadband speed test on multiple devices can help you to narrow down the source of the problem.

Ensure you are getting value

You might have been promised a certain broadband speed as part of your contract, but are you getting it? A lot of broadband providers advertise their deals as ‘up to’ certain speeds, but this might not represent the average speed you are receiving. You can find out what you are receiving right now with a broadband speed test on Compare Fibre. You can run a test 24 hours a day, allowing you to work out which times are typically faster or slower.

Be an informed buyer

Once you know your broadband speed, you will be better placed to decide the way forward. Will you query the speed you should be getting with your broadband provider, look to upgrade to one of your provider’s fibre packages with an enhanced speed, or consider one of the other fibre deals which are available on today’s market? After you perform a test on Compare Fibre, you will be able to take stock of your internet requirements. Remember, if your speed isn’t what you paid for, you may be entitled to cancel your current deal and switch provider.

How to perform a Wessex broadband speed test

A Compare Fibre speed test is quick and easy. After clicking on ‘start speed test’, it only takes a few seconds for a result to be produced on the screen. If you aren’t happy with what you see, it might be time to compare fibre broadband deals.