TalkTalk Fibre Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From TalkTalk?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From TalkTalk?

TalkTalk Speedtest

About Fibre Broadband

When choosing how you get the Internet delivered to your home, you want the fastest speeds available in your area so your browsing and work is never slowed down. You also want your connection to be reliable even at peak times. If you have looked around a little to find the perfect package for your home, you will know that fibre broadband is the best choice. Offering enhanced speeds and better reliability than traditional broadband, it is now widely available all across the country. If fibre is available in your area, the next step is to choose a provider.

Choosing TalkTalk

TalkTalk is a well-known and respected option for your fibre broadband needs. They offer excellent packages, and you could potentially enjoy some further benefits if you are already using them for your mobile phone contract. But is TalkTalk fibre broadband the best choice for your area? Will it be fast and reliable enough for you? How can you find out?

What is a speed test?

A speed test is the best way to check the speed of fibre broadband in your area. You can search using your postcode to find out the current speed of fibre broadband from a specific provider. Discovering how fast your Internet connection is will help you to see whether you are with the correct provider.

Why do I need a TalkTalk speed test?

You may be wondering why you would need a TalkTalk speed test. Running a speed test is a brilliant way to decide which fibre broadband is right for you before you choose – if you have your heart set on TalkTalk, it is best to find out whether they provide what you need. If you are open to more choice, a speed check can be very useful when exploring your options before committing to a provider. It is also a good thing to do if you notice that your existing TalkTalk fibre broadband is slowing down at certain times, or the speed you expected does not seem to be available. This should not be the case in many situations and areas – fibre broadband should be fairly consistent in its reliability. So if you feel that you are not getting the speeds and overall performance that you are paying for, running a quick TalkTalk speed test can help you understand if you’re getting the speed you are contracted to receive.

Where can I do a TalkTalk speed test?

So, you are all ready to make your decision, all you need to do is check whether TalkTalk has the speed you need. Or else, you are already with them and want to find out why you are experiencing difficulty downloading at certain times. Running a TalkTalk speed test with Compare Fibre broadband could not be easier. Packed with essential information on a range of fibre broadband suppliers, Compare Fibre also offers a dedicated page where you can check your TalkTalk broadband speed. This is true for every provider shown on their site – you can test TalkTalk and a range of others, conveniently in one spot. Simply go to and enter your postcode to see how fast your fibre broadband really is. Compare it to the speed you are meant to be receiving (as outlined in your contract) or simply use it to compare this speed to those offered by other providers.

Whether you are working from home and suddenly noticing a change in the performance of your fibre broadband at certain times of day, or you are a savvy saver looking to choose the fastest fibre broadband in your area, doing research before you commit, this check is an essential part of making certain that your fibre broadband is the correct one for you. Check and run a TalkTalk speed test now.