SSE Fibre Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From SSE?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From SSE?

SSE Speed Test

Do you know how fast your SSE broadband connection is? Whether you are unhappy with your current connection or are curious to know whether you are getting what you paid for, this is the place to perform a free, accurate broadband speed test.

An SSE Fibre Speed Test produces results in a matter of seconds. If your speed is lagging behind, it might be time to upgrade to SSE Unlimited Fibre (35Mbps average speed) or SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus (63Mbps average speed), or even compare some other fibre broadband options.

There are several reasons why it makes sense to run an internet speed test. But first, let’s look at what a speed test does.

What is a broadband speed test?

A broadband speed test is a way of measuring both the speed and quality of your internet from a particular device. The test works by actioning multiple successive tests and measuring elements such as latency, download speed and upload speed. Together, these values form the final result of the speed test, using a local test server which is automatically identified.

Broadband speed tests: What are the benefits?

Knowing your speed matters

Isn’t it time you stopped guessing how fast your connection is? We often refer to our broadband connection as “fast”, “slow” and a variety of descriptions in between, but knowing the actual speed we are getting puts us in a much better position as a customer. Running a broadband speed test today on Compare Fibre will tell you the internet speed you are actually receiving, giving you a clearer picture of the speed you need. Once you know your speed, it is simple to calculate how long a file will take to download and the video streaming quality your connection can handle.

Problem solver

A broadband speed test can help you to uncover some of the problems you encounter with your net connection. Let’s say that you aren’t sure if it is a computer, tablet or smartphone which is the issue, or your broadband connection. Performing a speed test on multiple devices can allow you to ascertain if a device, or your connection, is the problem.

Are you getting the speed specified in your contract?

In some cases, the broadband speed you are actually receiving can be surprisingly different from what you think you are paying for. Broadband providers often advertise ‘up to’ speeds, but these usually end up being much faster than the average speed you get on a day to day basis. You don’t have to rely on advertising or your contract for a ‘guesstimate’ of what you are receiving, because with a speed test on Compare Fibre, you can find out for yourself. Depending on the speed you receive, you could even be within your rights to cancel your current package and look for a deal which offers enhanced speeds, such as the fibre broadband options on the market.

Be an informed broadband customer

Before you shop around for your next broadband deal, ensure that you know your current speed. A broadband speed test tells you your current speed at the time of the test. Knowing the speeds you are receiving at different times of the day can be a good indicator, showing you how many Mbps your connection needs to improve by when upgrading to a fibre broadband deal which offers a faster connection.

How can I perform an SSE speed test on Compare Fibre?

It’s easy to test your broadband speed on Compare Fibre. See the the ‘start speed test’ button and just click. If the speed is much less than you expected, or if it isn’t sufficient for your needs, it might be time to compare fibre broadband packages and boost your broadband speed.