Truespeed Speed Test

Are You Getting The Advertised Speed You Should Be From Truespeed?

Not Getting The Speed You Hoped For From Truespeed?

TrueSpeed Fibre Speed Test

How are you finding your TrueSpeed broadband? Are you able to engage in internet activities such as video conferencing, downloading movies or streaming live content, without any interruptions? If you feel your internet connection could be better, it could be time to upgrade to a TrueSpeed fibre option for an enhanced speed, or a fibre deal with another broadband provider – however, your first step should be to do a broadband speed test.

Performing an internet speed test is quick and easy here on Compare Fibre. There are many benefits offered by a broadband speed test, but let’s start with a look at how the test works.

How does a broadband speed test work?

A speed test will give you an indication of your broadband connection’s quality. You can conduct a TrueSpeed Fibre Speed Test on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The result of the test is produced after multiple ‘mini tests’ are performed automatically in quick succession – a broadband speed test will take only a few seconds. It works by testing elements such as the latency (ping), download speed and upload speed, and this data comes together to calculate the speed, which will appear on your screen.

The advantages of a speed test?

– It’s good to know

Why settle for a ‘guesstimate’ when it comes to your broadband speed? Merely thinking of our connection as slow or fast does not get to the heart of the issue – the actual speed. Once you run a Compare Fibre broadband speed test you will know which speed you are actually receiving. After you know what you are getting, you will understand better what you need. You’ll also be able to calculate the time it is likely to take for downloads, and what quality of video streaming your connection can handle.

– A problem solver

When slow internet strikes, how do you know if it is your broadband which is the cause, or a particular device you are using? A broadband speed test helps you to get to the bottom of this issue – simply perform the test on multiple devices, and see if it persists.

– Broadband for your buck

Are you receiving the broadband speed you were promised as part of your broadband contract? Many ISPs can promise speeds of ‘up to’ a certain level, but in reality the average speed you are getting could be significantly different. Instead of taking a ‘stab in the dark’, take a Compare Fibre test today and record an accurate reading yourself. You can test at any time of the day or night, giving yourself a clearer picture of when speeds are up or down.

– Make informed buying decisions

Knowing your speed can help you to make up your mind on whether to ‘stick or twist’. You might decide that you need the higher speeds which are available with fibre broadband packages, and it may even be possible to cancel your current contract and make a move, especially if the speed you are getting does not match what you were promised. Perform a speed test on Compare Fibre, and you will be in a better position to consider your broadband requirements.

How to perform a Compare Fibre speed test

A speed test on Compare Fibre could not be simpler. You just click on ‘start speed test’ – see the button on this page. After you have clicked, it will just take a few seconds for your broadband speed at the time of the test to come up on the screen.

Is your connection slower than you thought? Or perhaps your worries over your broadband speed have been confirmed? In these cases, use Compare Fibre broadband to find a faster, better deal.