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If you require an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable broadband service, the good news is that BT offers a variety of attractive broadband deals, packages and special offers. The best way to get a BT broadband deal that suits your requirements is to use our comparison service, where you can see all BT broadband offers in one place. From here, you’ll be able to check out each deal with a single click before heading over to the BT website to take advantage of the best deal available for you.
BT fibre broadband deals
BT Full Fibre 100 (150Mb)

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BT fibre broadband deals
BT Full Fibre 300 (300Mb)

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BT fibre broadband deals
BT Full Fibre 900 (900Mb)
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About BT Broadband Fibre

BT’s Broadband Fibre deals are guaranteed to deliver reliable speeds. The BT “Stay Fast Guarantee” means you can expect rapid fibre broadband speeds 24/7. Speeds are constantly checked and optimised to deliver the best possible service. If your service drops and you don’t feel like you’re getting the service you’ve been promised, you can claim £20 back from BT for any inconvenience caused. In addition to this, when you sign up to a BT Broadband Fibre deal, a BT engineer will let you know if they think your speeds can be improved. They will arrange for a callout if necessary.

What is BT fibre broadband?

BT fibre broadband makes use of the latest fibre optic technology to deliver rapid broadband with speeds of 67Mb on average. This superfast broadband allows you to do more online and means multiple people in a single household can use the internet for streaming, gaming and more without having to battle for bandwidth. This means family members can stream HD movies or play online console games simultaneously without encountering any lag or buffering.

What is BT full fibre?

BT Full Fibre is BT’s next-generation broadband service. It makes use of a dedicated fibre optic connection which runs straight into the home. With BT Full Fibre, you can expect to experience ultra-rapid download speeds of up to 900Mbps. BT Full Fibre is also covered by BT’s “Stay Fast Guarantee”, which means you can rely on your connection to deliver gigafast speeds at all times. To arrange for BT Full Fibre installation, you can simply choose a date and appointment slot which is convenient for you via the BT website.

Is BT fibre available in my area?

If you’re uncertain as to whether you can access BT Fibre Broadband in your area, you can use the BT availability checker to find out. This online tool will highlight which are the best broadband deals available locally and will give you an idea as to what sort of speeds you can expect. All you’ll need to provide is some basic information (such as your postcode) to find out whether BT Fibre Broadband is available.

BT Fibre Broadband Speed

BT guarantees an average speed of 67Mb with its Fibre Broadband packages. This ensures that multiple household members can use the connection to perform different tasks simultaneously without buffering or lag. If you are currently signed up to BT and don’t feel like you are receiving broadband at the speed you have been promised, you should contact the customer service team to arrange for a line speed test. To check BT speed please use BT Fibre Speed Test 

How fast is BT fibre broadband?

As mentioned, the average BT Fibre Broadband connection speed is 67Mb. However, this can vary dependent on your location. Your broadband speed can be affected by the distance from your local exchange. In theory, the closer you are to your BT exchange cabinet, the faster your broadband speed should be.

BT fibre broadband speed checker

BT is committed to delivering the most reliable broadband speeds in the UK. It offers free broadband speed tests to allow you to see what speeds you are currently getting, regardless of which broadband provider you are currently contracted to. These tests also allow you to see what sort of speeds you could expect if you were to sign up to BT for broadband services. In addition to being able to test your broadband speed, you can also use BT’s dedicated speed troubleshooting tool to find out ways to improve your current speed or to report faults with your broadband online. If you are an existing BT customer, these faults will be forwarded on to an engineer who should be able to help make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure your service returns to peak levels.

Is BT fibre broadband truly unlimited?

Yes. As of February 2020, all BT customers on limited broadband packages have been automatically upgraded to truly unlimited data plans. While this change was made because of the coronavirus pandemic, BT has confirmed that it is permanent. This means BT customers don’t need to worry about how much bandwidth they use each month and won’t be cut off or expected to pay extra. Before the addition of truly unlimited broadband, customers would receive a warning email when nearing their monthly data usage allowance. Nowadays, BT broadband users can relax, safe in the knowledge that they are receiving a truly unlimited service.

BT Fibre Broadband Review

BT’s fibre broadband offering is arguably the biggest and most renowned in the UK. It offers some of the fastest speeds in the industry and is ideal for those who expect more from their broadband service. However, for large households who do a lot of streaming, it might be worthwhile upgrading to the BT Full Fibre service instead. To find out more about which service is best for your requirements, why not use our free comparison tool?

Is BT fibre broadband any good?

BT’s broadband packages are notable for their consistently reliable connection speeds, unlimited data usage and high-quality wireless router supplied as part of the package. It’s therefore fair to say that BT fibre broadband is more than good enough for most households and should not only meet but exceed the expectations of the average consumer.

BT fibre vs Sky fibre

It is difficult to choose between which is best between BT fibre and Sky fibre. The reason for this is because Sky makes use of BT’s network to deliver its broadband services. Ultimately, this means that the advertised download/upload speeds for BT and Sky are more-or-less the same. BT narrowly wins, on account of being available to over 80% of residential and commercial properties in the UK (compared to just 60% for Sky). However, if you’re looking for a television package in addition to fibre broadband, you may find that Sky has more to offer than BT. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.

BT fibre vs Virgin fibre

While BT Fibre is more widely available than Virgin Media, it’s worth noting that Virgin Media fibre deals often work out slightly cheaper, and can be somewhat faster in terms of average speeds (Virgin Media claims to offer 100Mb in comparison to BT’s 67Mb). Virgin Media broadband also offers a more substantial pay TV service, although coverage is lacking in many areas of the UK. For coverage and reliability, BT wins.

BT Fibre Broadband Packages

BT has a range of fibre broadband packages designed to suit all usage levels and budgets. From essential fibre packages for low-level use to superfast broadband complete with TV entertainment packages (such as Sky Cinema, NOW TV and BT Sport), BT caters for all requirements. The best way to find out more about what BT has to offer is to use our comparison service to find the best broadband package for your needs.

What BT fibre broadband deals are available?

As of November 2020, the following BT Fibre packages are popular among UK consumers:

• BT Fibre Essential
• BT Fibre 1
• BT Fibre 2
• BT Sport and Fibre 2
• BT Entertainment and Fibre 2
• BT Big Entertainment and Fibre 2
• BT Full Fibre 150 and 250

It’s worth noting that in many instances you can customise your chosen BT package to your individual requirements, on a rolling monthly basis.

BT fibre essential, fibre 1, fibre 2, fibre 100, fibre 250

BT Fibre Essential is BT’s entry-level broadband package. It includes a free BT Home Hub, free access to BT wi-fi hotspots and average speeds of 36Mb for just £26.99 per month.

For those who want slightly faster speeds, virus protection and parental controls, the BT Fibre 1 deal offers 50Mb average speeds for £27.99 per month. BT Fibre 2 improves upon this with a smart hub and 67Mb average speeds.

BT Fibre 100 and Fibre 250 offer the fastest speeds (at 100Mb and 250Mb respectively).

Introducing BT full fibre

BT Full Fibre is an all-new, next-generation broadband service which makes use of a dedicated fibre connection which runs directly to your home. This enables download speeds of up to a staggering 900Mbps. All BT Full Fibre packages are covered by the BT “Stay Fast Guarantee”.

BT Fibre Broadband Offers

BT regularly has special offers on broadband contracts for new customers. In some instances, you could enjoy up to 50% off for 12 months. To find out more about the latest BT fibre broadband deals and offers available in your area, why not use our comparison tool?

How much is BT fibre broadband?

The cost of BT fibre broadband can vary dependent on the level of service you require. The basic entry-level package (BT Fibre Essential) is available from just £26.99 per month. Full Fibre packages and deals which include entertainment or sports packages can cost slightly more. The best way to find out is to peruse the latest offers on our site.

How long is the contract for BT fibre broadband?

All BT Superfast Fibre packages come with a 12-month minimum contract. This is a standard-length contract across the industry, although you may find that some providers are willing to offer shorter contracts. When renewing your contract, you may find that BT is more flexible and may offer 3 or 6-month contracts.

BT Fibre and TV

In addition to fibre broadband, BT also offers a variety of television and entertainment packages which can be added to your account. TV packages are flexible, which means you can swap add-ons or add additional ones to your account each month. Add-ons include Sky Sports, NOW TV, BT Sport, Sky Cinema and Netflix. There’s also a “classic” television package which includes basic premium TV like National Geographic, Sky One and the History Channel.

BT Fibre Broadband Checker

If you’re unsure whether you can get BT Fibre Broadband in your area, you should use the BT Fibre Broadband Checker. All you’ll need to do is enter your postcode to find out which BT services are available in your area. From here, you’ll be able to find out all sorts of useful information, including the average BT broadband speed in your area and which packages are available to you.

Can I get BT Fibre optic broadband?

It is estimated that 80% of the country is covered by BT’s existing fibre network. Unless you are in an incredibly rural area (such as the Highlands/Islands of Scotland) it is likely that you should be able to avail of BT broadband services. It’s worth noting that in some rural areas, you may not be able to achieve the fastest advertised speeds, although, with the “Stay Fast Guarantee” which covers most BT broadband packages, you should be able to achieve download speeds of at least 67Mb, which is more than enough for simultaneous TV streaming, music listening and console gaming.

BT broadband fibre checker

If you’d like to know more about whether you can access BT broadband services, why not use the dedicated BT broadband fibre checker tool? In addition to telling you which packages are available in your area, you’ll also be able to find out what sort of broadband speeds you can expect when you sign up to BT. This useful tool also features a troubleshooter which can help identify ways in which you could improve your broadband speed. If there are any hardware issues, this troubleshooter can also alert BT who may arrange to send an engineer out to undertake repairs.

How to upgrade from BT broadband to BT fibre?

If you’re currently using standard BT broadband on the old copper network, you could benefit from much greater speeds by upgrading to the BT fibre network. Upgrading will also provide you with a more stable and reliable internet connection. To upgrade, you won’t even need to be visited by an engineer – simply contact BT and arrange to switch to a BT fibre package and enjoy a much more enjoyable online experience today. You can do this by logging into your BT account on the official BT website, or by calling the BT customer service team via your landline.

BT Fibre Customer Services

If you require help with BT Fibre or any other BT product/service, you should contact the BT customer services team straight away. You can do so by calling, emailing or using the live chat feature on the BT website. In addition to this, BT also offers a comprehensive help section. It is recommended that you browse through this user-friendly system for an answer to your query prior to contacting the customer service team.

For impartial review of BT Broadband please look at our BT Broadband Review page

BT fibre customer service number

If you have queries or complaints regarding your BT Fibre service, simply contact the BT customer service team on 0800 800 150. Broadband and landline issues can be resolved using this number, between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. If you would prefer to contact the BT support team online, you can do so via the online chat option on the official BT website. For sales and general queries unrelated to broadband or landline issues, you should contact the BT shop customer services line via 0800 917 0510.

BT fibre broadband speed test

As one of the UK’s most ubiquitous broadband providers, BT always strives to provide its customers with the fastest, most reliable broadband connections in the UK. If you are an existing BT customer looking to test your average speed, or if you want to fix an existing speed problem or perhaps even upgrade your broadband connection, BT’s broadband speed test hub can help. It is designed to ensure test results are as accurate as possible. However, it is worth noting that the results are merely a snapshot of your connection at the time of testing. Broadband speeds can be affected by several different factors (such as usage at peak times or multiple devices using a single connection), so it can be beneficial to run several different BT fibre broadband speed tests at different times of the day to get a more complete picture of your average broadband speed.

How to cancel BT broadband

If you want to cancel your BT broadband package, you can do so online or over the phone. You can also reduce the level of services in your existing package if you’re looking to save money. Please note that if you joined BT after December 2019 and wish to cancel your contract, you may be required to return your BT Home Hub or TV Box, otherwise you may be charged. To cancel your BT broadband contract, you will need to have your account number to hand. You can find this on your BT bill. To cancel your services over the phone, simply call 0800 783 1401.