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Toob fibre broadband review

Toob is a new full-fibre broadband service which aims to transform customers’ internet experience. Launched on the south coast of England, it aims to deliver one of the fastest fibre broadband services in the UK, giving businesses, residential customers and public services the chance to use hyperspeed connectivity.

It has been founded in Southampton by an experienced team, who have worked for the world’s major communication brands in the past. They have come together to offer what they describe as “simple and affordable” access to a hyperspeed network.

What Coverage Does The Toob Network Have?

Currently available only in southern England, Toob aims to expand, opening up its network to more than one million properties over the next decade. The first city to benefit from Toob’s full-fibre network is Southampton.

Toob invested £50 million in Southampton’s infrastructure in 2019 to turn the city into a gigabit-capable, full-fibre network, with plans to connect more than 100,000 premises to the service by the end of 2021. The revamp upgraded Southampton’s outdated copper-based infrastructure to a full-fibre network.

The first customers were connected by the end of 2019 and to date, the feedback has been positive, as the local area benefits from one of the UK’s fastest fibre broadband networks.

Toob Speeds And Fibre Package Prices

Toob pledges to provide download speeds of 900 Mbps – 14 times faster than the UK average – and upload speeds of 900 Mbps that are 64 times faster than the UK average. It also offers unlimited usage, no line rental fee and free installation.

Toob was launched because the provider saw a gap in the market for people frustrated by their broadband speed. Its full-fibre service is so fast that it pledges to ensure everyone in your home can work, download, stream, play games and surf as much as they want, without worrying about the broadband connection collapsing under the strain.

The cost of the hyperspeed package – with no line rental charges and unlimited usage – is relatively cheap at £25 per month for an 18-month fixed-rate contract. After this, it goes up to £29 per month.

Alternatively, for greater flexibility, Toob offers a one-month rolling contract at £33 per month. It is aimed at customers who need flexibility with their broadband contract, such as students, customers with a short-term rent agreement on their property, or those who simply don’t want to commit to an 18-month contract.

With the freedom of a one-month rolling contract, customers still receive the same super-fast hyperspeeds – with unlimited usage and no line rental – at an affordable price.

Toob is also providing a business broadband package, offering 900 Mbps average upload and download speeds, innovative Mesh WiFi technology, premium installation and business support – all this for only £50 per month, excluding VAT. The full-fibre infrastructure will also enable the deployment of 5G and smart city projects.

To check Toob Speeds use the Toob Fibre Speed Test

How Does The Toob Installation Work?

To install the service, an engineer needs to bring the new fibre cable into your home. This will be done in one of three ways: via a telephone pole, through an existing or new underground ducting or – in the case of flat-dwellers – from directly outside your apartment if it’s pre-installed in your building.

The engineer needs to drill a small hole in your wall to feed the fibre cable into your home. This is connected to a small fibre box, which is fixed to an interior wall.

The engineer then connects your new router to your fibre box to test the broadband service, making sure you’re connected to Toob’s 900 Mbps hyperspeed broadband. Your home will require two power sockets, or an appropriate adapter, to connect the fibre box and WiFi router. The engineer will tidy up when he has finished.

He or she will also answer any questions you may have. You will need to sign to say the work has been completed before the engineer leaves. Then, you’re free to start streaming, gaming, shopping, or doing any of the other activities that 900 Mbps fibre broadband allows.

What Router Is Provided With Toob Fibre?

The high speed WiFi router has the name and password on the back and you will also receive a WiFi reference card as a reminder. Alternatively, you scan the QR code on the router and reference card to automatically connect virtually any number of devices.

You can also connect using Ethernet, as the yellow Local Area Network ports on the rear of the router will allow you to connect up to four devices in this way.

For extra security, connect your device using the WiFi protected setup by pressing the WiFi pairing button to activate WPS on your router. You need to ensure your device is in the same room as your router when pairing up using WPS mode.

There is also an expert mode, so you can manage the router through the Toob portal in your internet browser, accessing it through “admin”. There is an admin key on the back of the router with the password for this mode. This enables you to manage your user name for the WiFi, password and access to devices.

Are Toob Customer Services Any Good?

Toob has taken care to ensure its services remain fast and available, despite the huge surge in internet traffic during the Covid-19 lockdown, when more people have been working from home, or staying connected to family and friends online.

The company is pledging to keep the internet up to speed for every customer and aims to be a reliable service provider. They are achieving this by proactively monitoring the network 24 hours a day to ensure their service is up to speed.

Despite the lockdown, the customer services team is operating as normal, seven days a week. As well as a “help and support” page, they pride themselves on being at the end of the phone, Monday through to Sunday, despite the pandemic.

Engineers are working, following the government safety rules and guidelines, in order to keep bringing Toob all-fibre broadband to people’s homes to keep them connected during the pandemic.

Pros & Cons

The latest Toob fibre broadband has got off to a flying start and is receiving largely positive customer reviews at present. Since its launch in 2019, you would be hard-pressed to find anything negative about it.

On the plus side:

• With one of the fastest speeds in the UK at 900 Mbps, you’ll be able to have multiple family members online, working, streaming and gaming and they shouldn’t suffer any blips or loss of speed.
• The price is pretty cheap when compared with other service providers, both for business and domestic users, while there’s also no line rental fee.
• The after-sales support seems great and unlike many internet providers, Toob pledges to have a voice at the end of the phone even on Saturday and Sunday.

However, on the negative side:

• Toob is available to very few homes at present and its coverage comprises only a small area in the south of England, so for most of us, we can only dream.
• Being in its infancy, it’s hoped that Toob’s ten-year expansion plan does indeed come to fruition and that it doesn’t fall by the wayside.
• Many domestic customers today like to buy a complete package of internet, telephone and TV services, as they don’t want the hassle of going to different providers.

On the whole, however, Toob offers a great service, with fast WiFi, a cheap price and helpful customer services after you’ve made your purchase, so what’s not to like? Hurry up with the nationwide rollout, Toob!