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    Who is TrueSpeed?

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband offers an internet connection that is delivered via fibre optic lines to a cabinet and then runs through copper cables directly into your home or business. By providing your internet service through a full-fibre capability, TrueSpeed is one of the only providers in the UK that can guarantee 200Mbps speed against their competitors. TrueSpeed is a privately funded company which also mean they have full ownership, autonomy and management of their network. True Speed’s offering is entirely tailored to the rural communities that they work with – from establishing community projects (such as offering free internet and broadband to local schools) to driving sales through local community leaders, TrueSpeed has seen a gap in the market in these areas with less technological infrastructure and has done everything possible to ensure their success.

    Who is TrueSpeed?

    TrueSpeed Broadband is a cutting edge market leader in ultrafast broadband that is delivered entirely via fibre optic connection. TrueSpeed operates out of the South West of the United Kingdom (their offices are in Bath) and specialises in providing their super speedy broadband into rural areas and communities. With claims of 200Mbps that trump top provider BT in the area, this small localised provider has created their own network to be able to guarantee their speed over their competitors. With the South West of the UK often victim to excessive buffering, frequent drops in service and snail-paced speeds at peak times. TrueSpeed Broadband offer a unique dedicated service for these counties and has, thus far, delivered an impressive and unparalleled broadband solution for this part of the UK. Yet, while they guarantee their speed of service, they do not compensate consumers in the event of slower speeds or disrupted services. They also have a strong community focus – essential to be successful in the rural communities where they have become favourites. When they bring their service to an area, they offer free internet to the local schools within that community. TrueSpeed is manned by local staff and clearly have pride in being based and operating within the South West of the UK.

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband Speed

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband’s unique selling point is their guaranteed speed of a minimum of 200Mbps in their covered areas across the South West. With TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband, you have your own dedicated fibre line that is connected directly to your property – be that your home or business. This personalised service is a unique way of delivering broadband, particularly in the more rural areas of the South West, where infrastructure has always been lacking. By building in fibre networks and having ownership and governance of the lines, TrueSpeed broadband’s is less likely to be interrupted by a third party issue as there simply isn’t a third party to disrupt their service. Their home package starts at 200Mbps, and their Home Office package starts with speeds of 250Mbps. TrueSpeeds bespoke business packages vary depending on your requirements, but their packages start at 200Mbps and go through to 1GB.

    How fast is TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband?

    This impressive provider guarantees TrueSpeed’s Fibre Broadband’s speed at 200Mbps with no dropouts or fluctuations during peak times. Furthermore, thanks to their dedicated fibre line connected directly to your property, your location doesn’t matter either – as long as you’re in the South West of the UK. In comparison to other top broadband providers, TrueSpeed is not the fastest. Hyperoptic broadband offers a speed of up to 900Mbps with unlimited usage however their service is currently only available in 43 towns and cities across the UK including Greater London, Leeds, Glasgow and Newcastle. BT also has offers of up to 900Mbps and EE and ZEN offer speeds up to 300Mbps yet Sky broadband offers speeds of 285Mbps. What makes TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband interesting is that their offering is a minimum of 200Mbps with their broadband, often delivering much higher speeds. Furthermore, by providing a minimum of 200Mbps in rural areas, TrueSpeed’s offer holds its own against the larger players.

    What speeds are available with TrueSpeed fibre optic broadband?

    According to, which analyses the extent of fibre services, the speed varies from 284Mbps download and 222Mbps upload, which is substantial considering their rural locations. Some users of TrueSpeed have said that they’ve received speeds of 300Mbps. Unlike their competitors who state the limit that they can deliver to you, TrueSpeed gives you a minimum of 200Mbps guaranteed. If you’re looking for broadband for your business specifically, we would recommend contacting TrueSpeed directly as they will be able to give you a bespoke cost package and also make closer recommendations for the speed minimums they can offer you. As TrueSpee is a demand-led service, don’t feel defeated if they aren’t currently operating in their area – one of their Community team can help you to become a TrueSpeed Champion in community and make changes to your local broadband service.

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband Review

    We’ve taken reviews from professional sites and verified users to create a review of TrueSpeed’s service and delivery. Generally, TrueSpeed comes out well in consumer and commercial reviews. Many praise their proactive business model, excellent customer service, response times and the way that they support the rural communities where they create broadband infrastructure.

    Is TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband good?

    So, is TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband any good? From its users, the opinion feels unanimous in their praise for the broadband supplier with customers cheering their local attitude, quick call-out times, and community projects. Many seem to be understanding of the occasional dropout and the level of service that they receive all year round, alongside excellent communication from their customer service team, makes any issues far more palatable than the more massive faceless corporation. Comparatively, their speed is not as fast as other providers, but this is only when compared across the UK. As TrueSpeed currently only operate within the SouthWest, their speeds are, on average, higher for the region than their larger competitors. What truly impresses us about TrueSpeed is the delivery of their broadband. Their model of delivering personal fibre optics that run from cabinet directly into the property and by having full ownership of their network. TrueSpeed has seen a problem in a rural area and created a purposeful, profitable and near-perfect solution in an age when, to be without internet, can be crippling. What isn’t clear is if TrueSpeed genuinely offers a fantastic service or if other service providers are so neglectful in creating infrastructure and delivering premium services within rural areas, that TrueSpeed is just comparatively excellent.

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband Packages

    We’ve taken a closer look at the packages available through TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband so that you don’t have to trawl through endless webpages. Their packages offer flexibility to allow you to choose the right package for you. There are three packages: Home 200, Home Office 250 and Business. You can learn more about their packages on their website, but you will need to contact them directly to discuss their business packages as these are designed and cost to be bespoke to your requirement.

    What TrueSpeed fibre packages are available?

    The latest packages from TrueSpeed Broadband are: Home 200 from £47.50pm. Ideal for a private household where the primary usage is for streaming services, causal internet use and everyday applications. Installation is free, and speed is 200Mbps+ Data is unlimited, and the contract is 18 months. Home Office 250 starts from £69.50pm. This kind of package is needed in increasing measures as many continue to work from home. The Home Office 250 package offers an increased speed of 250 Mbps and would allow for continuous usage with a second telephone online. Installation is free, and speed is 200Mbps+ Data is unlimited, and the contract is 18 months. The third package is the Business package. As TrueSpeed are a private and smaller broadband provider, they can offer bespoke packages tailor-made to businesses which are fantastic considering the reviews of their customer service and operations teams. According to their website, the business package speeds begin at their guaranteed 200Mbps with the options for additional 10Gbps+. There are options for 200Mbps, 250Mbps, 500Mbps, and reaching a limit of 1GB. With unlimited data usage, multiple phone lines and a 24-month contract, contact the business team directly to see if this is the right fit for you. For smaller businesses, we think this is perfect for allowing flexibility in their offering. As with any broadband service provider, there are add-ons to every package from additional speed to extra phone lines. What makes TrueSpeed’s packages so excellent, appears to be their flexibility – whether or not that means you can negotiate on price is still to be seen. However, when we look at the options for the variety of consumers and their differing needs, it is clear to see how TrueSpeed is becoming a force of broadband within the rural South West.

    TrueSpeed Home 200 Home Office 250

    When it comes to the TrueSpeed Home 200 and Home Office 250 packages, what are the main differences that can sway your decision? Aside from the additional 50Mbps that is guaranteed as a minimum, with the Home Office 250 offer securing you a second phone line which can be a lifeline of independence for your business. For those in the ever-increasing numbers that work from home, your internet speed and reliability has never felt more important – if you live in the rural South West, this could be a game-changer.

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband Offers

    As TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband offer such flexible packages around your needs, they don’t provide TV packages inline with their broadband as per some of the larger competitors. Also, as they run independently and still in a smaller part of the UK, their affiliations are more local than national (e.g. BT Sports and NOW TV offers). They are, however, open in how best you can achieve what you need from your broadband. Look at their blog on short-term broadband options as an example. One offer that proves incredibly useful for TrueSpeed and is tailor-made for their target market is to offer FREE broadband to local schools and community hubs in the areas where they install their broadband lines. TrueSpeed also offers up to £300 credit for new residential customers, new business customers and existing customers who don’t have an active fibre optic yet. You can find the offer at the very bottom of their site map, or you can follow the link here. It’s applicable with any of the packages as long as you agree to a 24-month contract.

    How much does TrueSpeed fibre broadband cost?

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband ranges in its costs and offers flexible options so you can find what is best for you and your business or your family. Prices for a home package begin at £47.50pcm.

    How long is the minimum contract length for TrueSpeed fibre broadband?

    The minimum length for a True Speed, Fibre Broadband package, is 18 months for the Home 200, and Home Office 250 packages and TrueSpeed offer a bespoke, tailor-made package for businesses. You can contact them directly on 01225 300 37 and speak to one of the Engagement Managers to discuss precisely what your business needs. If you would like to qualify for their £300 credit offer on a new account, you will need to take a contract with a minimum of 24-months.

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband Checker

    TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband offer a checker on their website so you can check their availability in your area. As they are a demand led service, they bring their infrastructure to communities where at least 30% of the community agree to sign up to their service.

    How do I check if TrueSpeed fibre broadband is in my area?

    If you want to check whether or not you can access TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband, you can enter your postcode on their website and see whether or not they currently have availability in your area. The great thing about TrueSpeed is that if you’re from a community that isn’t currently serviced by TrueSpeed, you can contact them and register your interest. They’ll then support you as you become a TrueSpeed Champion within your home area – if you can get 30% of your community to agree to sign up to TrueSpeed, then they’ll install their fibre optic broadband directly into your area. Suppose TrueSpeed can bring their fibre optic broadband to your community. In that case, they will provide free internet and broadband to all local schools and any community hubs – they are incredibly proactive about supporting the areas where they operate. This community focus is one of the reasons why their service is so prevalent in rural areas.

    What is TrueSpeed’s fibre coverage in the UK?

    TrueSpeed currently operates within the South West of the UK. According to, their footprint covers over 3,300 premises. Their active sites and premises are mainly around the rural areas to the south of Bristol, but the company are continually looking for opportunities to expand. You can check their coverage in your area here As their infrastructure and confirmed premises are based around communities, it may be there are extensions underway that are not represented online as they are not yet active sites.

    TrueSpeed fibre broadband availability checker

    If you want to check whether or not you can access TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband, you can enter your postcode on their website and see whether or not they currently have availability in your area. You can also call them on 01225 300 370 to discuss bringing TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband to your local community.

    TrueSpeed Fibre Customer Services

    TrueSpeed customer service offers multiple ways in which to contact them and their website offer multiple platforms and ways to do this. In general, it seems that TrueSpeed’s customer service is of very high quality and ranks very highly in reviews of their service. With local operators at the end of the phone and technicians that are South West based, their customers in the more rural parts of the United Kingdom are proactive in their praise of the customer service of the brand.

    What is the TrueSpeed customer service number?

    If you would like to contact TrueSpeed Fibre Broadband’s customer services, you can call them on 01225 300 370. You can also contact them via email on They are open Monday – Friday – you can find full opening times on their website Their customer service lines are not operational over the weekends. Still, they claim to have technicians constantly monitoring their network. You can also speak to their automated bot on their website 24/7 for any account queries.