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Zzoomm Fibre Broadband Review

Overview Of Zzoomm Fibre

Zzoomm is a relatively new fibre broadband company based in the south of England. They offer exceptionally fast speeds, but have limited coverage in the UK for now. If you’re looking for some of the fastest internet available in the UK, it’s worth checking Zzoomm Fibre to see if it’s available where you live, or registering your interest to help get the company to set up near you soon.

Speeds Attainable With Zzoomm Fibre 

As indicated by the name of the company, Zzoomm offers extremely fast internet speeds. You have a choice of four packages when you sign up, with even the lowest of these, ‘POP!’, giving you a 100Mbps download speed and a 10Mbps upload speed, better than many providers’ best fibre broadband packages.

The second option is ‘POW!’ which has an average download speed of 400Mbps, and upload speeds of 40Mbps, which is more than enough for families who want to stream videos and games in high quality on multiple devices. But if you want a connection that’s ultra-fast, consider upgrading to ‘WHOOSH!’, with 900Mbps download speeds and 90Mbps upload speeds.

The final package, ‘WOW!’, is the standout as one of the fastest broadband packages available in the UK. You’ll get average download speeds of 2,000Mbps or 2Gbps, with upload speeds of 200Mbps. It’s worth noting though that these speeds are quoted based on a wired Ethernet connection to your router – you might not get quite the same speeds over wireless, especially on the top-end packages.

‘POP!’ costs £29 per month, with the upgrade to ‘POW!’ taking it to £39 a month. If you choose ‘WHOOSH!’ it’s £59 per month, while the extremely fast ‘WOW!’ is £99 per month. You can also pay an extra £10 per month if you want to upgrade your upload speeds to match your downloads, ideal if you upload a lot of video content or stream live.

To check Zzoom speeds please use the Zzoom Fibre Speed Test

Coverage: Where Is Zzoomm Fibre Available?

While speeds are Zzoomm’s greatest strengths, at the minute coverage is the company’s greatest weakness. Zzoomm fibre broadband is only available in two UK towns at the minute – Hereford and Henley-on-Thames. If you live elsewhere, the best you can do is register your interest and hope that your town is chosen next when Zzoomm begins to expand their operation.

Zzoomm does have intentions to grow their network, but they’re taking their time – as a specialist fibre broadband provider, they won’t invest heavily in a new area until they know the interest is there that can make it a viable option for them. That’s why registering your interest is important – the more people that register, the more likely it is that you’ll get Zzoomm near you.

What Router Is Provided With Zzoomm Fibre?

Zzoomm have an interesting and unusual offering when it comes to your home internet router. When you take out a ‘POP!’, ‘POW!’ or ‘WHOOSH!’ package, you don’t receive just one router. Instead, you’ll get two of Zzoomm’s Adtran Smart RG 400 Hubs that will be connected together by a wire.

The idea is that you’ll get better WiFi coverage throughout your home, as well as the option of having more convenient access for wired Ethernet connections than you would with just the one router. Wired connections are the most reliable and fastest, so by adding a second router you might be able to place it in the room where you have your PC or your TV box, so that you’re hooked up with the best connection possible.

If you choose the top-level ‘WOW!’ package, you don’t get two routers. Instead, you get one of the upgraded Zzoomm Zyxel A7501 hubs. These are designed for customers who want to set up their own home network, with the materials provided to talk you through how to do so step-by-step.

What Is The Installation Process With Zzoomm Fibre Broadband

Zzoomm installations need to be booked in advance, as you’ll require an engineer visit to your home. Slots are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

As you’re getting full-fibre broadband, the engineer will likely have to dig a trench to your home from the property boundary. They will do this as discreetly as possible but you may need to be prepared to ask them to avoid any special areas in your garden.

The engineer will discuss your options with you for installation, choosing the best rooms in your home to install your routers. Remember that you’ll get two routers that need to be connected by a cable, so you may have to run a wire through the inside of your home. If you’d rather avoid this, you can reject the second router, but it means you won’t get the same level of WiFi coverage, and if you change your mind in future you’ll need to pay for the installation of a second router.

|s Zzoomm Fibre Customer Service Any Good?

Broadly speaking, the customer service for Zzoomm is highly rated. Many people have left reviews online that are positive both about the quality of the internet connection and the excellent service received when dealing with the company.

You can contact Zzoomm in a number of ways. You can call them on 033 33 11 99 33 or send them an email through their website. The fastest way to get a response is likely to be the live chat option – just visit the website to start talking to a member of the team. You might also find your answer using the on-site FAQs, which cover a wide range of topics.


The people behind Zzoomm clearly care about making a better broadband service. It’s not enough to offer the fastest speeds, but by giving you two routers as standard and ensuring they have excellent customer service, you can be confident that you’ll have a high-quality experience as a customer – provided you’re lucky enough to live in one of the limited areas covered.


• Extremely fast download and upload speeds
• Two routers give your home better WiFi coverage
• Customer service is well-reviewed


• Coverage is limited to just two UK towns
• The top speeds are only attainable with a wired connection
• Cables will need to be laid to your home, and possibly inside it

Overall rating – 8/10