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Swish fibre broadband review

Overview Of Swish Broadband

A newcomer to the fibre broadband world with big dreams, Swish Fibre has taken on a £250 million investment to bring super high-speed fibre broadband to previously internet-neglected towns and cities in the South East of England and beyond. At the moment, most households with fibre broadband have fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband, with old-fashioned copper wiring making the connection to their home. Swish hopes to lower the lag and make direct connections with fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband, delivering gigabit-speeds to 250,000 residences in the Home Counties. Read on to find out more about Swish and see if it could be the right provider for you.

Speeds Swish Fibre Broadband Is Capable Of

Download and upload speeds

With full focus on speeds, Swish has two different packages that both outstrip many of its competitors. Its entry-level package, described by the company as “lightning fast” delivers a massive 400Mbps average download speed, and if that weren’t fast enough, its top-level package boasts “blistering” average download speeds of 900Mbps. The company also claims to provide symmetrical average upload speeds, which puts it far ahead of its competitors, as currently only Virgin Media’s top-level package offers this.

It’s refreshing to note that these figures are not mere marketing hyperbole – its dedication to FTTP broadband has cut the lags and go-slows experienced with other FTTC providers to bring steady, superfast connections that can cope very well with busy, always-online households. Its innovative system of pods and mesh tech means even older properties that usually struggle with connection blind-spots are served with great speeds.

In another challenge to market leaders Virgin Media and BT, Swish has announced its aim to bring 10Gbps speed fibre broadband to 250,000 households across the South East.

To check Swish Speeds please use the Swish Fibre Speed Check

Coverage Of The Swish Fibre Broadband Network

As a newcomer on the block, Swish has defined itself with its focus on bringing superfast broadband to the more neglected, rural parts of South East England where coverage has been quite limited. In December 2019 it announced its aim to install its network in 11 towns, with up to 50,000 households able to connect with Swish. The first to benefit will be Marlow, followed by Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield, and it aims to complete the first 10 towns by June 2021. In June 2020, Swish announced its plans for a further 22 towns to be connected, which will bring coverage to a total of 250,000 homes across 33 towns.

The following towns can be expected to receive Swish services in the next few years:

Announced in December 2019

Marlow (live soon)

Gerrards Cross (live soon)

Beaconsfield (live soon)

Flackwell Heath

Wooburn Green and Bourne End


Great Missenden



Princes Risborough


Announced in June 2020









Crawley Down


East Grinstead



Haywards Heath









Because this network is so new, it is very limited when it comes to coverage, but future customers can register their interest on the Swish website, and will be notified if and when the service becomes available in their area.

What Router Is Provided With Swish Fibre?

Swish is well aware that top speeds are worth nothing if the tech can’t keep up, and so every package purchased from Swish comes with the loan of a gigabit-friendly router that can keep up.

Installation: How Long Does It Take To Install Swish Fibre

For customers to qualify for standard installation in their home, the connection point in the property must be no more than 20m from the fibre network’s ‘Point of Termination’ and no more than 10m from its point of entry into the property. If these criteria are met, and there are no special landscaped features to be navigated on the property, then a standard installation process can be expected. As this kind of service is new to most, and its terms quite specific, potential customers are encouraged to contact Swish to make sure they qualify for standard installation, or else work out with the company the terms of their non-standard installation.

Customer Service: How Good Is Swish Fibre Customer Service?

Understanding the reservations some people might have about signing up to such a new service with its limited scope for comparisons, Swish has made a point of ensuring its customer service help and advice is easy to access and highly personalised. Its website hosts an FAQ that details at length the different stages of street installation and the ongoing building works, with advice on what to do if residents are inconvenienced in any way by these changes. Customers in Marlow, the first town to get connected with Swish, can already sign up for live video conferencing with the Swish team, and will soon get their own dedicated live chat function so they can talk to Swish directly whenever they need. There’s also an enquiries email and a free phone number to call with any issues for the Swish team to look into.


Ultrafast connections

Easy to opt-out of contracts

Great customer service


Extremely limited coverage

Definitely not the cheapest fibre broadband

Established rivals already catching up with speeds


While it’s quite hard to judge such a new, burgeoning service in comparison to its long-established rivals, the level of commitment shown by Swish to providing ultrafast broadband in usually forgotten places is impressive. The company’s dedication to transparency around its progress, plus its clear meeting of targets so far, all lead us to believe there is great potential to be seen in Swish. Only time will tell whether or not future targets will be met, and whether its top speeds, which sound impressive now, will really be so unique in a few years time, when its more established and experienced rivals are constantly striving to match its speeds. However, for those households that can currently access Swish’s services, this provider is definitely worth serious consideration when looking for the ideal, ultrafast fibre connection.

Overall rating: 9/10