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TalkTalk Fibre review


As one of the UK’s leading fibre broadband providers, TalkTalk is offering some great value packages for its UK customers at the moment, and they have just fixed their prices until 2022. With a range of different speeds and variously priced packages available, anyone considering a new deal or switching their provider is likely to find a TalkTalk service that meets all needs, whether you’re a casual user or looking to keep a household full of internet addicts online. Read on to find out more about the fibre broadband services TalkTalk has to offer and how to get connected.


Download speeds

With TalkTalk Fibre you get to choose from a range of download speeds. It kicks off with TalkTalk Faster Fibre package, which provides an average download speed of 38Mbps, usually enough for a family or household to use simultaneously for activities such as emailing, shopping and streaming, plus two-way calling and uploading files with upload speeds of 9.5Mbps. However, if your internet use is higher or you intend to download multiple large files and want them quick, you may want to invest in the next package up, TalkTalk SuperFast Fibre plan, which boasts download speeds of 67Mbps and upload speeds of 19Mbps.

Now in a bid to keep up with its competitors such as BT and Virgin Media, which are vastly increasing fibre speeds each year, TalkTalk has launched an additional five packages of increasing speeds.

Its Faster 150 Fibre connection is already available in 2.8 UK million homes and uses tech, which is a kind of bridge between regular fibre and full fibre connection. Faster 150 Fibre provides an average download speed of 145Mbps, plus an average upload speed of 18Mbps.

The next step up is TalkTalk’s Faster 300 Fibre, which also uses technology and boasts an average download speed of 290Mbps while its average upload speed clocks in at 40Mbps.

For even more speed, the Future Fibre 150 package uses full fibre technology via the Openreach network, boosting its average download speed to 150Mbps and giving it an average upload speed of 30Mbps.

Also using full fibre tech, the Future Fibre 500 package promises massive average download speeds of 500Mbps, along with a lightning-fast average upload speed of 75Mbps.

Finally, TalkTalk is now offering the lucky people of York and in parts of Dewsbury their Ultra Fibre Optic package, which uses full fibre technology via FibreNation. It offers startling average download speeds AND average upload speeds of 900Mbps.

Before you decide on which package perfectly meets your needs or not, keep in mind that your location can greatly affect the speed of the service you actually receive. Be sure to check TalkTalk’s availability in your area, and run a  test to check the speed you’re actually receiving from your current provider when making comparisons.

To check TalkTalk Fibre speeds please use the TalkTalk Fibre Speed Test

Upload speeds

Most people focus on the download speed when choosing a broadband provider, but a decent upload speed is vital for two-way calling via Skype or Facetime, and for sending videos and other files.

As detailed above, TalkTalk’s upload speeds increase dramatically with each subsequent Fibre package, from Faster Fibre’s average upload speed of 9.5Mbps up to the Future Fibre 500 package, which boasts an average upload speed of 75Mbps. In some areas, the upload speed is now matching the download speed with the Ultra Fibre Optic package, which will become more widely available in the future. All the TalkTalk packages come with unlimited downloads so there is no annoying usage cap to watch out for.


The Super Router provided by TalkTalk looks and performs to a fairly standard level compared to its competitors, but it is let down in some respects by its lack of range and so doesn’t quite match up to its closest competitors. This is not so much of an issue in a small house or apartment, but if you’re looking for a broadband service that covers a large space or lots of rooms, this might not be the best provider for you.


Once you’ve signed up to TalkTalk, you can expect your broadband to be fully installed within two weeks. If broadband is the only product you’re getting from TalkTalk, you can expect to receive your TalkTalk Super Router via Royal Mail around 3 to 5 days before your service is due to become active.

You can use either your TalkTalk account page or the Royal Mail website to track the delivery of your router, using the parcel tracking number you are provided. You’ll get this number once the router is dispatched for delivery.

Even if your router arrives early, it’s best to wait until your agreed activation date before setting it up and there’ll be no available service until that date.

If you need a landline installed for your broadband to function, you’ll get an appointment for an engineer to come to your home and install it. You can arrange this step with TalkTalk when you place your order.

Customer service

When it comes to customer service, TalkTalk has built an unfortunate reputation for long waiting times, billing problems, and badly trained help centre staff, according to some of the complaints made. However, it seems TalkTalk has taken these issues on board and brought in some recent improvements, with an average waiting time for each call dropping to mere 0.47 minutes, up there with the best (with the worst taking an exasperating 7.27 minutes to answer!). TalkTalk has also introduced a useful dashboard for customers on its website, and the information there should be able to solve most issues that users have. Plus, unlike with some providers, there is no difference in the deals cut for new and existing customers, so new users will not be missing out.


Overall rating: 8/10


  • Excellent range of speeds suitable for any household
  • Great value for money
  • Prices are fixed to avoid mid-contract price-hikes


  • Router has limited range
  • Basic packages don’t include calls
  • Customer service could still be improved

With the competitively-priced plans, lack of downloading restrictions, decent speeds and free security software included, TalkTalk’s packages offer great value for household broadband. Furthermore, line rental is included, and unlike some of its competitors, the cost of your TalkTalk contract is fixed throughout its term so you relax assured there will be no extra hidden costs to contend with later on. While there are no calls included, they can be added for a small fee which is clearly laid out when you sign up.

While the company’s previous record for less than great customer service can be off-putting, its dramatic improvement in call answering times – now less than a minute – should offer some reassurance that TalkTalk is listening to its customers and on track with some significant remedies.

So, unless you live in a very big house that requires extra range, on connectivity, price and speed TalkTalk is offering some great deals on fibre broadband that can match any of the best.