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Hyperoptic Fibre Broadband Review – Rating 8/10


– Faster than their competitors.
– Innovative in its business model and installation.
– Award-winning customer service available 24/7.


– Not available in more rural areas.
– Speeds not always living up to maximum advertised.
– Structural property changes required for installation.

Overview Of Hyperoptic Fibre

Hyperoptic Fibre has been in operation since 2011 when they pioneered the UK’s first residential 1Gb broadband service within London. Their service offered customers upload speeds that were 100x faster than any other providers.

Hyperoptic specialises in supporting new build developments with access to fast networks (where there may have been no internet infrastructure before the build). Hyperoptic were the first provider to offer monthly rolling contracts – bringing full flexibility and freedom to their customers for the first time. Hyperoptic currently works with 230+ property developers in the UK, making them one of the most proactive suppliers on the market.

Today, Hyperoptic is available in forty-three towns and cities across the UK and offers a top upload speed of 1,000Mbps which is 14x faster than the UK average according to their reports.

In 2020, Hyperoptic won the Service and Innovation Awards from Compare the Market and was also awarded Fastest Ultrafast Provider at the Broadband Genie Awards.

Speeds Of 1Gbps & More With Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic claims incredible speeds when compared with the top three largest competitors – BT, Sky and Virgin. Hyperoptic claims 150Mbps for both upload and download which runs much faster, particularly for upload speed.

BT, the fastest of the big three with an upload speed of 29Mbps, is lesser in comparison to the 150Mbps claimed by Hyperoptic in their Faster Package which offers 1Gb upload speed and 900Mbps download speed.

When we consider how incredible these speeds are, their package pricing is incredibly competitive considering that Hyperoptic is also cheaper than the Big 3 – perhaps not surprising when we think of the overheads that such large operations must create.

If you would like to check what speed you can get with BT you could check the Hyperoptic Speed Test

Coverage: Where Is Hyperoptic Fibre Available?

You can check the availability in your area on their website here https://www.hyperoptic.com/map/. What is particularly interesting about this map is that it notes confirmed installations, pending installations and where interest is registered. As Hyperoptic runs a full fibre optic service to your property, it is a fantastic indication of future availability.

The concentration of access is relatively widespread across the UK with the majority of clusters across larger towns and cities with the largest concentration around the South East.

There are relatively large swathes of uncovered areas around more agricultural and rural spaces where the infrastructure is marginally lacking compared to the large residential and industrial spaces with the UK.

What Router Is Provided With Hyperoptic Broadband?

Hyperoptic currently offers two styles of a router – The ZTE Hyperhub and the Nokia Hyperhub.

ZTE Hyperhub

The ZTE Hyperhub has a slightly older appearance but offers:
Dual-band broadband.
Strong WiFi connection.
Is optimised to embrace their full-fibre network.
Can either be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface around your home or business.
Comes with VoIP support.

Nokia Hyperhub

The Nokia Hyperhub is the more advanced (and expensive) option and has a much sleeker and contemporary aesthetic.
The Nokia Hyperhub offers:
Dual-band for better performance.
Gigabit-capable on a wired connection.
Multiple WiFi antennas for multi-user, multiple input and output.
Automatic Band Steering and Channel optimisation – so you always get the best speed possible.
It is business-grade – perfect for working from home.
Can either be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface around your home or business.
Comes with VoIP support.

Installation: What is The Hyperoptic Install Process?

Installation through Hyperoptic lasts for roughly one hour and is bookable six days in advance and in a time specified that is most convenient for you.

Hyperoptic installation involves an engineer drilling a small 10mm hole (typically above your front door) to allow for cabling to run, discreetly and along a surface, within your property, until it reaches an available plug socket. Occasionally they also use an internal fibre converter.

Alongside the existing plug socket, the engineers will also install a small socket or fibre connector in the wall – either option allows you to plug in the Hyperhub router and connect to the Hyperoptic service.
As the installation does require structural changes to the property; it may not be the best option for those renting.

Is Hyperoptic Customer Service Any Good?

The Compare the Market Award for Service that Hyperoptic achieved in 2020, speaks to the quality of their customer service. However, reviews vary for their response times and the ease of opening an account; particularly in a rented property.

The chat function on their website seems to be exceptional with many customers ranking the service highly for fundamental account management issues. The FAQ section on their website is also incredibly thorough in comparison to many competitors.

Hyperoptic offers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week access to both their email service and over the phone support team – an exceptional offering for an independent network provider. The chat function on the website is also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Perhaps it is this availability that has won them such high regard for their customer service.


Hyperoptic offers incredible speeds to its customers and is growing at an astronomic rate. With their cornering of the new-build market, this innovative provider understands its customers and their needs. The evidence of their success is in their rapid rise.

Their limits around rural areas, however, does suggest a restriction to their capacity for providing their service outside of significant hubs but, we’re sure if you keep an eye on this impressive company, it won’t take long for them to be entirely nationwide.