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ee fibre broadband reviews

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Overview Of EE Fibre Broadband

EE is one of the most popular mobile phone operators here in the UK, however, EE Fibre Broadband is also worth considering. In total there are five packages to choose from, including standard ADSL broadband and a selection of fibre packages with a maximum speed of 300Mbps. To help you decide whether EE fibre could be the ideal option for you, we have reviewed every aspect of these ultra-fast packages.

Speeds Available Through EE Fibre

Although standard broadband is available with average speeds of 10Mbps, for many homes with multiple internet-ready devices this is not fast enough. If you are looking to download games or watch high-definition videos, it is likely that you will need a fibre connection.

The entry-level fibre service from EE costs just £23 per month and offers customers average download speeds of 36Mbps and upload speeds of 10Mbps. This is an 18-month contract, with prices rising to £37 per month as soon as the contract ends.

If this package is not quite fast enough for your demanding home, the Fibre Plus EE package may be more suitable. This impressive package offers customers average download speeds of 67Mbps and upload speeds of 19.l5Mbps. It costs £27 per month, which is just £4 per month more than the basic package. Generally, this package will provide enough bandwidth to support 2 devices streaming 4K TV at the same time.

EE also offers its EE Fibre Max services, which use technology to provide impressive average speeds of 145Mbps and 300Mbps, with prices of £36 and £43 per month respectively. These speeds are able to support multiple users playing games, streaming videos and downloading large files at once. The availability of the Fibre Max 1 and Fibre Max 2 packages is very limited, so you should check with EE to find out whether you fall within the coverage areas.

Whichever package you choose, you will benefit from unlimited usage and EE mobile customers also receive a 5GB boost to their monthly mobile data. However, 20GB per month is offered if you choose one of the top-end Fibre Max packages or combine fibre broadband with a 5G mobile plan.

If you would like to check what speeds you can get with EE you could check the EE Fibre Speed Test

Coverage Of EE Fibre In The UK 

Like many of the UK’s internet service providers, EE uses the Openreach network which is owned by BT. According to Ofcom, more than 90% of homes in the UK are able to access fibre broadband via the Openreach network. This means there is a high chance you are located within an EE fibre area.

However, access to services is limited to a handful of towns and cities within the UK. To find out which services are available to you, we recommend using the availability checker on the EE website. The tool will use your postcode and landline number to assess which services are available to you and will also provide a speed estimate.

What Router Is Provided With The EE Fibre Broadband Service?

The fibre services are supplied with the new EE Smart Hub router, which features 802.11ac and 4x4MU-MIMO. In addition, there are four Gigabit Ethernet sockets, so multiple devices can be connected to the router. This is the same router as offered by BT, although it is branded with the EE logo.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Once your order is placed, you will be able to track the router via your My EE Account. The router is packaged to be able to fit through a standard letterbox, so there will be no need to wait for your parcel to arrive. You will also receive an email and text message to let you know the date your fibre is due to be activated.

Although there is usually a £15 setup fee associated with installation, in many cases there are offers available which remove this charge. If you are choosing one of the basic fibre packages, an engineer will only need to visit your home if there is no active phone line in place.

You will receive simple instructions which describe how to install your router and where to position it. Once the main light turns blue, your fibre connection is ready to use. Over the course of the first ten days, EE will monitor your connection and tweak your service to ensure you receive the best speeds possible. This means you may notice changes in speed initially, however, it should soon level out.

However, if you are choosing a Fibre Max package, there is an increased charge of £25 for installation. This is because an engineer will need to visit you to install the required equipment, although there are usually offers available which waive this fee.

Is EE Customer Service Any Good?

EE’s home broadband services are highly regarded and actually won the award for best customer service at the 2020 Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards, with several other mentions. In addition, EE also holds the record for rapid responses to customer queries, with an average time of just 35 seconds to speak to a customer service agent.


In our opinion, if you are looking for a reliable, competitively priced connection with great customer service, EE fibre is definitely worth considering. In terms of its mobile network, EE has been rated the fastest for 4G and 5G for the past 5 years. However, when it comes to fibre, there are other services which are able to provide faster speeds of up to 900Mbps, such as Vodafone, Sky and BT Fibre Broadband Deals. If you are simply looking for a standard fibre service with wide availability, the speeds offered by EE are fairly average when compared against other similar packages.

Advantages Of EE Fibre Broadband

1) Great pricing on all fibre packages, especially if you are an EE mobile customer.

2) An excellent router with useful controls that allow customers to tailor their broadband services.

3) Additional perks available for EE mobile customers, such as free extra data.

Disadvantages Of EE Fibre Broadband

1) The fastest fibre services are not available to everyone in the country yet.

2) EE has removed the TV package option, which means customers can no longer avail of broadband, phone and TV services in one package.

3) Price rises are applied to all packages once the initial contract period ends.