John Lewis Fibre Broadband Reviews

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John Lewis Broadband Reviews

When searching for the right fibre broadband provider, you need the most reliable that there is. While you may have heard of more well-known providers, John Lewis has their own quality broadband fibre on offer. In this review, we will look at John Lewis’ fibre broadband in detail, from the speeds you can expect to the level of customer service they provide, and other advantages and disadvantages of using them as your fibre broadband provider. Read on to make an informed decision.

What speeds are on offer from John Lewis fibre?

When you use John Lewis as your fibre broadband provider, you can expect two levels of speed. John Lewis Fibre Broadband provides 36Mb average monthly download speed and unlimited usage. However, if you opt for John Lewis Fibre Extra Broadband, you will enjoy speeds of 66Mb average monthly download speed, while still receiving unlimited usage.

What coverage does John Lewis fibre broadband have?

John Lewis fibre broadband is widely available throughout the country as long as you live in a fibre-enabled area, however, there are some areas where you may not be able to receive fibre broadband coverage. This could be because you are connected to a telephone exchange instead of your connection being a green street cabinet. It may also be that your green street cabinet is not fully enabled for fibre optic cabling, or that work has not yet been undertaken on it. Your line could also be too distant from the cabinet itself. In this case, your fibre broadband connection would be unstable.

The best way to know whether your area is covered is by clicking “Buy Now” on the product you are interested in, and John Lewis will automatically run a check to see if you can purchase/upgrade to fibre broadband.

What router is supplied with John Lewis fibre broadband?

You will require a fibre wireless router to enable you to receive fibre broadband. The John Lewis router boasts dual-band wireless, a firewall, 4-gigabit ethernet ports, a high level of enhanced security and parental controls for high-speed connectivity. It is not advised that you use your own router, as it may not be compatible or provide the best result.

How long does John Lewis fibre installation take?

If you are completely new to broadband then it will take 5-10 days to go “live”. Should you be transferring your service from a different provider, you will be able to choose your set up day upon completely a 10 working day minimum period. Setting up is easy on your “live” date, and an engineer may come out to perform works on your green cabinet. Your broadband will not work during this period, nor will your telephone. After this, you should be completely live without any further issues.

Is John Lewis customer service any good?

John Lewis has a reputation for providing top-notch customer service. For fibre broadband customers, they provide online support such as details that let customers know of any issues that might be impacting the quality of service. With 24/7 freephone service for any customer support needs, they have a high level of customer satisfaction; up to 93%, in fact, as seen in an Ofcom survey taken in August 2020.

Their customer service is actually provided by Plusnet, which is well known for having customer support based in the UK.

Advantages of John Lewis fibre

John Lewis fibre broadband is provided by a well-known household name that has expanded into providing fibre broadband. As previously mentioned, the service is being provided by Plusnet, who also has an excellent reputation for good service and excellent customer support, and means that you can enjoy a wide geographical range of coverage.

UK-based customer support is becoming rarer and rarer, so the fact that John Lewis provides this is a great advantage. It is available 24/7, which means that you will never suffer from downtime without an explanation for long.

The installation process is overall very straightforward, and the limited range of packages available make this an easy choice for those who want a simple decision to make.

Another plus point is that the packages themselves are clear in their costing; there are no hidden fees to worry about, with everything being laid out for you. If you are switching providers, John Lewis will also contact your current supplier for you, saving you time and energy.

Disadvantages of John Lewis fibre broadband

John Lewis may not be as well known a name in the world of fibre broadband, meaning you may not feel as secure going with them as with some better-known providers, who focus on providing fibre broadband.

The deals provided are only at two levels, and neither is the cheapest on the market. This can be quite restrictive, while other providers offer a wider range of deals and often as a better price. This might be a lure for those looking for the best deal.

There is also the issue that you cannot get a TV bundle with John Lewis; they do not offer any kind of TV channel package, which could drive up your prices elsewhere if you need to get a separate TV package.

Finally, the John Lewis contracts are fixed at twelve months, with no flexibility on this. With other providers offering more flexible deals which can result in cheaper monthly costs, this could be a deal-breaker for some.


While John Lewis does not provide the cheapest deals around, it is a reliable household name that gives customers a simple and dependable service with excellent customer support available.

The speeds offered are quite high quality and should cover most needs, however, if your usage is very heavy, this might not be the case. John Lewis’ parent provider, Plusnet, actually offers a wider range of deals that are more flexible in terms of the contract.

However, if you are loyal to the John Lewis brand, you can enjoy reliable fibre broadband with no hidden fees.