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Sky Fibre Broadband Overview

Sky offers a variety of broadband and TV packages, including high-speed fibre options. To help you decide whether Sky Fibre could provide the excellent internet connection you require, we take a look at important factors such as speed, coverage, cost and overall customer service.

What Speeds Are Available From Sky Fibre Broadband?

In the past, Sky customers were able to choose between average download speeds of 36Mbps or 59Mbps. However, recently Sky has dropped the entry-level package and offers Sky Broadband Superfast and Superfast Boost packages instead, with 18-month contracts.

This Superfast package costs £29 per month, which is reasonably competitive when compared to other providers and offers download speeds of 59Mbps and upload speeds of 19Mbps.

If you would like to boost your internet speeds, Sky also offers a Broadband Boost package which costs an extra £4 per month. This guarantees a boost in speeds of 3Mbps to every room in your home, but if this is not achieved, you will receive a free broadband booster and the tech team will investigate.

These speeds are generally in line with other similarly priced providers, such as BT, TalkTalk and PlusNet, as each one uses the Openreach telephone network. Although Sky does quote a slightly lower speed, there is very little difference and as a customer, you are unlikely to notice.

However, if you are looking for a faster connection, there are other providers available which offer faster speeds such as Virgin broadband and providers which use the CityFibre network. Sky do offer a gigabit connection via their Sky Ultrafast package; however, availability is currently very limited with only a few cities in the country able to access the network. If you are located in a BT Openreach G.Fast area, you could achieve average download speeds of 145Mbps and upload speeds of 27Mbps, with prices starting from £39 per month.

To check Sky Fibre Speeds Available please use the Sky Fibre Speed Test

Coverage? Where Is Sky Fibre Available? 

Sky uses the BT Openreach network, which means roughly 94% of homes in the UK are able to connect to fibre. This equates to more than 16 million homes across the country. In addition, the Ultrafast package uses the BT Openreach G.Fast network, which is much more limited.

The Sky broadband website offers a quick coverage checker tool, simply enter your postcode and landline and the tool will let you know which packages are available in your specific location and the speeds you are likely to achieve.

If the tool shows that you are unable to benefit from a fibre connection, it is likely that you will be able to access a standard ADSL broadband service. This will be slower, but for many homes with average internet usage, these connection speeds are sufficient.

What Router Is Supplied With Sky Fibre?

Fibre customers are provided with the premium Sky Q Hub, although this is also available for an additional fee with the standard Sky broadband packages. The router offers the latest 802.11ac as standard and features useful security controls, wired network sockets, dual-band capability, and support for gigabit speeds.

If you are a Sky TV customer with a Sky Q TV box, this router will turn the TV box into an additional access point. This means the WiFi signal is boosted in additional areas of the home and could increase the stability of connections.

How Does The Sky Installation Process Work?

Installation of Sky fibre will take two weeks from the date you place the order, however, Sky will write to you with an exact activation date. The fastest installation times are available to those with an active phone line. If a phone line needs to be activated or installed, an Openreach engineer will need to visit your property which could add a delay to your activation date.

Sky charges a £9.95 delivery fee for the router and you also may be charged an activation fee of £19.95. The exact costs will be provided to you when you sign up for the fibre package.

When your fibre connection is activated, you will need to follow the instructions provided to set up the router and connect the various devices in your home. This is simple and there are step-by-step instructions available on the Sky website.

Is Sky Customer Service Any Good?

In recent years, Sky has made an effort to improve its after-sales support, with ratings for tech support and customer service increasing as a result. The customer service areas which receive the best reviews are those involved with helping customers install their kit and also the switch squad, which helps customers move from other providers. In fact, Sky will liaise with your current provider and manage the whole switch on your behalf.

If you have any queries, the Sky customer service team are available via live chat between 7 am and 11 pm, or via telephone between 8 am and 9 pm.


The biggest attraction with Sky fibre broadband for many customers is the ability to create a complete home entertainment bundle, including internet access, phone, TV and even mobile contracts. The fibre broadband is on a par with other providers; however, Sky offers the convenience of bundling everything into a single monthly price.

Our advice is to search for a package which offers everything you need and to compare the options available before your contract ends, as Sky will increase prices when the initial contract ends. This isn’t unusual, as many providers seem to focus more on winning new customers than maintaining contracts with their loyal customers.

Advantages Of Sky Fibre Broadband

1) The price of the Sky fibre package is competitive and is actually cheaper than many slower ADSL packages.

2) The Sky TV package is very popular and there are a variety of competitively priced fibre and TV bundle packages available.

3) Customers are able to access the Cloud WiFi network, which provides free internet access at thousands of locations around the country.

Disadvantages Of Sky Fibre Broadband

1) There are limited fibre packages available.

2) Although bundle prices are competitive, the standalone Sky fibre package is not as competitive as some other providers.

3) There is a delivery charge for the router and customers may also be charged an installation fee.