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A Review Of Vodafone Gigafast Fibre


Vodafone Gigafast fibre broadband offers excellent potential download speeds of up to 900Mbps, although availability is currently limited to 15 towns and cities across the UK. These areas are able to access full fibre technology, which is roughly 14 times faster than the usual superfast fibre packages. There are several Gigafast packages to choose from, with the entry-level 100Mbps option costing an impressive £28 per month.

In this review, we will take a close look at speeds, coverage, installation, and the packages available, so that you can decide whether Vodafone Gigafast fibre is an ideal broadband option for you.

What Sort Of Speed Can You Expect To Get With Vodafone Gigafast Fibre?

If you are looking for the fastest possible connection, you will be pleased to know that Vodafone Gigafast is the fastest fibre service available. There are currently four Gigafast broadband plans to choose from, with each offering unlimited downloads and prices that include line rental.

1) Gigafast Broadband 100 (£28 per month): This is the entry-level Gigafast package and it offers customers average speeds of 100Mbps.

2) Gigafast Broadband 200 (£35 per month): This package offers impressive average speeds of 200Mbps.

3) Gigafast Broadband 500 (£45 per month): This package is ideal for busy homes with multiple devices, thanks to the impressive average download speeds of 500Mbps.

4) Gigafast Broadband 500 (£55 per month): This package is the fastest available full-fibre package from Vodafone, with average download speeds of 900Mbps.

The available upload speeds will depend on where you are located, with those in Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool receiving average upload speeds of 20Mbps. However, all other Gigafast locations use the CityFibre network, which offers symmetrical upload and download speeds. For example, the Gigafast Broadband 500 package will offer upload and download speeds of 500Mbps.

To check speeds please use the Vodafone Gigafast Speed Test 

Coverage: Where Is Vodafone Gigafast Available?

The Gigafast service uses full-fibre technology, which means fibre optic cables are used for the entire network. In comparison, standard fibre connections use fibre cables to take the connection from the exchange to your closest street cabinet, with older copper cables used to bring the connection from the cabinet to your home.

The fibre cabling makes Gigafast connections 14 times faster, however the service is not yet available to all parts of the UK. The network is provided by both CityFibre and Openreach, and is currently available in 15 towns and cities, although more locations are being added. According to Vodafone, 3 million more homes should be able to receive Gigafast over the next year.

To check whether Gigafast is available, simply enter your postcode in the quick availability checker on the Vodafone website. If you are not able to receive a Gigafast connection, it is likely you will still be able to receive the Superfast broadband service which is available to 94% of homes in the UK.

Router: What Router Does Vodafone Gigafast Provide? 

The Vodafone Gigafast packages include the VoX 3.0 or THG3000G as standard, which is capable of providing dual-band WiFi technology. There are 4 Gigabit Ethernet socket and a USB port, so it is quick and easy to connect multiple wired devices and external storage.

This impressive hub is linked to the Vodafone Broadband app, which offers useful features such as Device Boost, WiFi Scheduler and the ability to create separate networks for guests. This means uses can prioritise WiFi for specific devices and easily schedule downtime from the internet, which is great for families.

Installation: What Is The Process?

In most situations, the total installation time is 2 weeks. It is likely you will need an engineer visit, as a new fibre line will probably need to be installed into your home. The engineer will be in touch shortly after signing up to arrange their visit, however, the appointment is likely to take several hours. Depending on the location of your property, there could be a charge for this installation. However, Vodafone will advise about potential charges before you sign up.

Customer Service: Is Vodafone Gigafast Support Any Good? 

Although there are many impressive factors to consider with Vodafone Gigafast, the customer service reviews are mixed. According to the Ofcom 2019 annual report, Vodafone received more than double the average number of broadband complaints, with EE and Sky broadband receiving the least. However, in reality, this does only equate to less than 0.2% of customers feeling dissatisfied.

Vodafone has signed up to Ofcom’s Broadband Speed Voluntary Code of Practice, which means that potential customers benefit from a clear speed estimate with a minimum guaranteed speed. This information is provided before you sign up, so if these speeds are not achieved you will be able to cancel your contract within 28 days without facing any penalties.


If you are located in a Gigafast area, there is no doubt that Vodafone Gigafast will provide you with the fastest connection possible. The prices are very competitive, however, if you are a Vodafone pay monthly customer you could receive an additional discount of up to £3 per month, known as the Vodafone Together discount. In addition, Vodafone will also provide a data boost of 50GB to your mobile SIM card.

There are some alternative providers which offer similar gigabit broadband services, including HyperOptic, BT and Virgin Media, so it is always advisable to compare options to ensure you receive the best possible deal.

Advantages of Vodafone Gigafast Fibre

1) These packages provide the fastest possible connections currently available in the UK.

2) Prices are competitive and include line rental, with offers available such as free Apple TV set-top boxes and AppleTV+ subscriptions.

3) Uploads speeds are symmetrical in many locations, which is great for those who work from home and need to upload large files quickly.

Disadvantages of Vodafone Gigafast Fibre

1) The contracts are 24-months long, which is longer than many packages available from other providers. Although, there are no price rises whilst you are tied into the longer contract.

2) Availability is currently limited to 15 towns and cities, so not every home is able to access these excellent speeds.

3) Line rental is included as standard; however, the packages do not include free evening and weekend calls. Instead, various options are available at an additional cost.