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Review Of PlusNet Fibre Broadband


PlusNet is known for its charming Yorkshire based advertising, with low prices and a focus on great customer service. There is no doubt that PlusNet is one of the cheapest broadband fibre providers, with various special offers often available. However, there are many other factors which you should consider when choosing a fibre broadband provider, including speed, coverage, and installation times.

Every provider claims to offer the best service, with PlusNet nipping at the heels of rivals such as Sky and Virgin. However, the company was purchased by BT several years ago, so unlike some small-scale providers, PlusNet is here to stay. To help you decide whether PlusNet provides the great fibre connection you need, we have compiled this detailed review.

Speed Capability Of Plusnet Fibre

There are two fibre packages available from PlusNet, with average download speeds of 36Mbps or 66Mbps and upload speeds of 9.5Mbps or 19Mbps, respectively. Until very recently, PlusNet managed web traffic by slowing some connections at peak times, however customers now benefit from unrestrained connections.

The packages are completely unlimited, and prices start from just £22.99 for the 36Mbps fibre package, or £25.99 per month for the 66Mbps package. The contracts are offered with an 18-month term and include line rental. However, it is worth bearing in mind that PlusNet have a geographical pricing strategy for some areas of the UK, so specific prices for your area may vary.

These speeds are fairly standard when compared to similar services from providers such as EE, TalkTalk, Sky and Vodafone. Although PlusNet is capable of providing fast connections to the average home, the services are not as fast as some competitor’s packages which are capable of delivering gigabit speeds. If you are a relatively small household, with only one or two users streaming videos or playing online games at any one time, the PlusNet fibre connections should be sufficient.

If you would like to check the PlusNet Speed please use the PlusNet Fibre Speed Check

Coverage: Where Is Plusnet Fibre Available?

Since the parent company of PlusNet is BT, it is no surprise that the BT Openreach fibre optic network is used to deliver the internet connections. This is the largest network in the UK, with Ofcom estimating that 94% of homes are able to access the Openreach fibre network. If you are in a very rural area you may find that PlusNet fibre is not available, however, in most locations you will still be able to access a standard broadband service.

It is possible to check whether you are situated within an Openreach fibre area by visiting either the PlusNet website or the Openreach availability checker tool. You will be prompted to enter your postcode and existing landline number, with the tool then providing an instant result. If you are located in a fibre area, you will also be provided with a real-time accurate speed estimate.

Does Plusnet Fibre Use A High Speed Router?

PlusNet provide their Hub One router to fibre customers, which is actually quite good compared to some of the similarly priced providers. The Hub One is basically a scaled-back version of the BT Home Hub router, which means it is capable of handling fibre speeds, WiFi connections are stable, and it supports dual-band with AC wireless connections.

Although the standard router provided is capable of providing stable internet connections, customers are able to use a compatible third-party router. However, the Hub One is worth £99.99 and as a re-badged BT hub, it is popular with many users.

How Does The Plusnet Fibre Installation Work

There are no activation fees for fibre services and PlusNet estimate that most customers are up and running within 5 to 10 working days. However, this only applies to those who are having broadband installed for the first time, as it takes a minimum of 10 working days if you are switching from another provider. In some situations, an engineer may need to install or activate a phone lane, which can also delay the activation date.

If there is no engineer visit required, the router will be posted to your address, ready to be plugged in ahead of the agreed activation date. Over the first 10 days, PlusNet will tweak your connection, so that you receive the best speeds available. This can cause the connection to disconnect and fluctuate, however, any issues are temporary.

Customer Service: Is Plusnet Support Any Good?

Customer service is one of the key areas which PlusNet is known for and the trophy cabinet is practically bursting with accolades. When compared to other providers such as Virgin, TalkTalk and Sky, PlusNet has higher ratings for customer satisfaction in many independent surveys.

If you need to contact PlusNet, the UK based customer service contact centre is available via live chat or over the phone between 7.30 and 10pm, every single day of the year. It is also possible to use a live online tool which shows how busy phone lines are ahead of your call. In keeping with its Yorkshire-based roots, the customer service teams and sales teams operate from Leeds and Sheffield.


If you are searching for low-cost fibre broadband, PlusNet is one of the best options available. The download speeds are in line with other providers, customer service is great and there are very few complaints. However, it is worth bearing in mind that no packages are available with gigabit speeds. If speed is your main deciding factor, you may want to consider other providers. In addition, PlusNet is marketed as a no-frills internet service provider, so benefits which are available such as data boosts and TV packages are not available with PlusNet.

Advantages of PlusNet fibre broadband

1) The customer service is excellent, and PlusNet is rated above many rival providers for customer satisfaction.

2) The up-front costs are very low, with offers often available which remove them completely.

3) The installation time is very short in comparison to other providers, with some estimates of between 5 and 10 days.

Disadvantages of PlusNet fibre broadband

1) The fibre packages available offer average speeds and faster options are available from many other providers.

2) The router is relatively basic compared to some options, however, it does do the job.

3) There are no gigabit-speed packages available.