Community Fibre Broadband Reviews

At when it comes to Community Fibre broadband reviews we let Community Fibre's customers do the talking. We could write a review and help you make a decision but we feel that it is important to remain impartial.

On average informed buyers check at least 7 reviews before deciding to trust a business. Finding all the relevant reviews can be a time consuming hassle. 

That’s why we have aggregated all of the Community Fibre reviews from Facebook, Google, Trustpilot and more, so that you can easily get the best view of Community Fibre and a truly independent average rating score.

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Community Fibre Reviews

Community Fibre is a new breed, next-generation broadband provider, offering some insanely fast connection speeds of up to 3 GBPS. Its fibre-optic broadband network was built using some of the most advanced broadband technology available, delivering data straight to customers’ homes from its data centre. The company uses the FTTH (Fibre to the Home) cable type, which it promises delivers the most reliable, fastest and strongest internet connection money can buy and is currently the most advanced on the market.

Community Fibre aims to future proof your home and business broadband needs. By offering speeds far higher than the average household needs today, its customers are likely setting themselves up for years to come, as the first in line to receive such futuristic internet speeds. But is Community Fibre worth the hype? Let’s check out its reviews.

What do the reviews say?

Trustpilot is one of the most widely used review sites in the world and covers a multitude of consumer and business-to-business industries. Community Fibre has already totted up almost 7,000 independent reviews of its services on the site, with a hugely impressive overall rating of 4.9 out of 5. Out of the five choices available (excellent, great, average, poor and bad) 95 per cent of reviewers voted Community Fibre as excellent. Just three per cent rated the company between poor and average.

The company is most highly rated for its service (speed and reliability) and its customer service. Some of the most recent reviews mention an easy set-up process and a helpful approach to problem-solving. Although a few users report minor problems with the service, they all individually quote the member of staff that helped fix the issue and a general willingness to find a solution.

You can also check sites like SecureShopping, which amalgamate Community Fibre fibre broadband reviews and produce an overall score. Community Fibre’s score is currently a perfect five out of five.

Although review sites like Trustpilot offer the largest number of reviews on Community Fibre, you can also check social media for a rounded picture. Of course, these reviews won’t have been verified in many cases, but they can still give you a good idea. Currently, Community Fibre has just over 1,700 likes on its company page and has an average rating of four out of five Facebook users, based on 23 reviews.

Is Community Fibre worth it?

It seems that Community Fibre is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a new broadband deal, particularly if the highest speeds and customer service are important to you. Many people have praised Community Fibre for offering a new type of service that is more flexible to the modern needs of the consumer, and going the extra mile to help install the service. And, offering speeds never seen before, Community Fibre fibre-optic broadband deals will surely pique the interest of a lot of people.

New providers like Community Fibre seem to be coming out on top recently, blasting their larger competitors (such as Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky) out of the water when it comes to customer satisfaction. A quick comparison between these companies on Trustpilot will show you the drastic difference in the sentiment of their customers. Community Fibre seems to be filling a gap; consumers want friendly, accessible customer service coupled with fast, reliable connections and other benefits that suit their evolving lifestyles. Community Fibre fibre broadband seems to be jumping on this opportunity.

Where can I find unbiased reviews of Community Fibre?

The best place to find honest and verified reviews is the consumer review site, Trustpilot. You can also check other broadband review sites, consumer technology press and social media to get a full picture.

What don’t customers like about Community Fibre?

It seems that there isn’t anything customers dislike about the service Community Fibre offers. Customer satisfaction is extremely high, even on the occasion that there is a fault with the service. Of course, no internet connection is immune from the odd interruption. But when Community Fibre’s customers experience one, they report that the issue has been dealt with quickly, efficiently and with great willingness.

The only aspect that the reviews seem to complain about occasionally is that Community FIbre is not yet available in their area. As this is a company that was formed in London, this is where it started building its network of FTTH cables. The company plans to expand this cable network soon so that more and more customers can enjoy access to its download speeds of up to 3 GBPS.

Is Community Fibre popular for businesses too?

Yes, Community Fibre seems to be a great option for businesses, as many of the positive reviews online appear to have come from employees or organisations. People cite a good experience from conducting their jobs using Community Fibre broadband, stating that it helps them to download and transfer files with ease, run complex programmes in industries such as design and media, and enables them to connect a multitude of devices at any one time.


Consumers and press alike have consistently praised Community Fibre’s high-speed broadband connection. The London-based company is perfect for those in the capital with fast-moving lives and businesses and those who want to explore the realms of what is possible from an internet connection. The reviews back up the new company’s appeal; it appears to be one of the most popular broadband providers in the UK. If it is not yet in your area, keep checking back as Community Fibre is constantly expanding its fibre optic cable network. If you would like to check the availability of Community Fibre ultrafast broadband in your area, you can use a simple postcode checker like ours. Simply enter your postcode and filter results for Community Fibre, and you’ll know if you are eligible to sign up to this much-hyped next-generation broadband provider.