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  • Full fibre provider with coverage in the Southampton area
  • 900 Mbps download speed
  • 900 Mbps upload speed
  • Unlimited usage
  • No line rental
  • Free installation
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    toob fibre broadband internet
    toob Hyperspeed full-fibre home broadband

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    About toob Broadband Fibre

    toob is fairly new to the market but they are set to bring some serious competition and rival other internet service providers. Currently, toob’s full-fibre broadband is only available in Southampton, but they are set to expand to other areas of the UK very soon. Their full-fibre broadband is aimed at those living in households that require a fast internet connection on a multitude of devices. This means it’s perfect for those that have families using the internet for different purposes such as streaming TV and music, gaming, browsing and working all at the same time.

    toob aims to provide a simple and effective solution to those looking for faster broadband for both home and commercial use. The company was founded by several experienced professionals that earned their stripes working for some of the largest global telecommunications brands. Their vision is to provide a hyperfast network to the UK’s South Coast in 2020.

    There are flexible contracts available and toob provides extremely fast fibre broadband at highly competitive rates for both home and business customers. Their full-fibre broadband is faster than most other UK providers when it comes to both upload and download speed. toob offers a simple fibre broadband solution available to customers on two types of contract.

    Who is toob Fibre?

    toob is a provider currently offering full-fibre broadband to the Southampton area. With its headquarters in Portsmouth, toob plan to provide one of the fastest fibre broadband networks to over a million UK homes and businesses within the next ten years. Their broadband product is both simple and affordable to appeal to all customers regardless of their technical knowledge or ability.

    toob Fibre Broadband Speed

    toob’s fibre broadband speed is their main selling point, aside from being affordable. With many people now looking for faster broadband, internet service providers are competing to have the fastest download and upload speeds as well as offering flexible contracts at affordable prices. toob’s full-fibre network boasts speeds of 900Mbps for both uploads and download, which means that they are faster on average than most UK providers. To be precise, toob’s download speed is around 14x faster than the UK average and their upload speed is an impressive 64x faster.

    toob offers a “hyperspeed” broadband solution with unlimited usage for all users. Their broadband is powered by “future-proof fibre” and delivered to customers through a hub that uses the latest technology to deliver the fastest speed wirelessly to several users or devices at once.

    toob Fibre Broadband Review

    As toob fibre broadband is fairly new and limited to a certain area of the UK, it is difficult to predict how the network will look on a larger scale. However, so far toob has received some fantastic reviews from Southampton customers. Most users report a stable connection with next to no outage and praise the company for their speed. Many customers have moved away from other top UK providers and given toob a chance and have had mostly positive experiences.

    Most customers are impressed by the speed of their connection and state that toob beats other UK broadband providers when it comes to speed, affordability and customer service. Unlike many other top UK companies, their customer service is something that impresses many of their customers. Most people report that their customer experience has been positive from interactions with engineers to customer service representatives. toob’s customer service department doesn’t currently rely on automation to problem solve and instead is operated entirely by call handlers. Whether this will stay the same as the company expands is unknown but customers praise their customer service department for this.

    With speeds that rival most other UK broadband providers, toob is a great choice for those living in the Southampton area and the UK’s South Coast. As toob only launched in 2020, it may be some time before other areas of the South Coast can sign up for a contract, but the website does have an availability checker. Be sure to check regularly to see whether toob becomes available in your area if you’re looking for a fast and stable connection at an affordable price. toob is now the fastest broadband provider in the UK, but with limited coverage. With the great reviews they are receiving from customers it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that toob may expand even further than the South Coast within the next 10 to 15 years.

    Unlike many other providers, toob’s fibre broadband product is very simple. There are no complicated packages to choose, varying speeds or limited usage. This makes it a great choice for any customer, regardless of whether you want a fast connection. With many of us now spending a substantial amount of our day online, having a strong and fast connection is vital. toob appears to be satisfying its current customers with its connections, even those using multiple devices, gaming and working from home.

    toob’s option of a rolling contract is an excellent selling point that isn’t offered by their top competitors. Usually, a rolling contract is something that is associated with mobile phone contracts, but toob offer this flexible option and it doesn’t cost much more than their standard length contract. If you don’t like being tied into a contract, then it’s worth paying a few pounds a month more for the rolling contract.

    Overall, toob is quickly making a name for themselves, even though they are only covering a very limited area. For those that live in this area, toob will likely dominate and become the preferred broadband provider very soon. If you do live in Southampton or the South Coast, be sure to check whether toob is available to you.

    Is toob fibre broadband good?

    Most customers that currently use toob’s fibre broadband are satisfied with their services. As toob’s broadband has 14x faster download and 64x faster upload speeds than most UK competitors, it is understandable why customers praise the speed of their broadband. Additionally, toob’s fibre broadband is connected via a high-quality Wifi hub that uses the latest technology and 7 antennas to provide a strong signal.

    toob fibre broadband is a good broadband solution regardless of what you’ll be using it for. Even for the casual user that browses online, uses social media and occasionally streams a movie, toob is a reliable choice.

    toob Fibre Broadband Packages

    Unlike other providers in the UK, toob doesn’t offer “packages” as such. If you’re looking for a package that includes TV, a phone line, or both, then you won’t find this with toob. toob offers a very simple broadband solution and focuses solely on providing customers with high-quality and high-speed connections. This means they’re great if you’re just looking for a decent broadband connection, but if you’re looking to combine your TV or phone line then you should probably look elsewhere.

    It is unknown whether toob will offer packages that include other products as they expand. If you’re in the Southampton area or South Coast and you’re looking for the fastest connection but also require a TV or phone line, then some providers offer a TV and phone package without broadband. This means that you could still sign up to toob broadband and seek a TV and phone package elsewhere if you don’t mind whether your broadband is included in the package.

    toob Full Fibre Product Overview

    toob currently only offer one product and this is their full-fibre broadband. This is, however, an impressive product that rivals many other broadband products offered by the main UK providers. Customers that sign up for a toob fibre broadband contract will receive a “hyperspeed” ready router that will be installed by an engineer. With 7 antennas, the signal that the router provides is strong enough to reach all areas of the house and give a stable connection to all users on the network.

    The router also has ethernet ports for those needing the strongest connection for gaming or streaming. The strong and consistent wireless connection means that users can watch their favourite TV shows via their smart TVs or boxes without interruptions.

    Customers will also receive the following:

    • Professional installation of their router.
    • A fibre connection that is ready to receive faster broadband in the future.
    • Fixed price contracts.
    • Customer service open 7 days a week.
    • No line rental costs.
    • Unlimited usage including downloads and uploads.

      toob’s speed is also perfect for businesses that rely on uploading to cloud storage, at 900 Mbps you’ll have no problem storing important documents quickly. For many businesses, download and upload speed are equally important, so having an upload and download speed of 900 Mbps is invaluable.

      toob Fibre Broadband Offers

      toob is currently offering free installation to customers that sign up for a fibre broadband contract by 30th of November 2020. They are also offering customers the chance to have the first 18 months with a toob fibre broadband connection at £25.00 per month. After 18 months, this price will rise to £29.00 per month.

      For business customers, toob is also offering 18 months of their fibre broadband at a discounted rate. Business customers will pay £50.00 per month for the first 18 months and then £60.00 per month after. These prices do not include VAT.

      toob also offers a flexible option for home customers. This allows customers to have a one-month rolling contract rather than the 18-month contract that is offered as standard. Those on a rolling contract can currently take advantage of the £50.00 installation offer. Installation is only free until 30th of November 2020 on the 18-month contract. Be aware that if you do decide to sign up to toob after the 30th of November that you may incur installation charges.

      How much does toob fibre broadband cost?

      This depends entirely on the contract type that you take out with toob. For home customers on a standard contract, you’ll pay just £25.00 per month for the first 18 months that you are with toob, this will then rise to £29.00 per month if you choose to continue your contract. You may need to pay an installation cost for your broadband if you don’t sign up during the promotional period that wavers the installation costs.

      If you want a more flexible contract then you’ll pay £33.00 per month and a £50.00 upfront cost for installation. If you’re a commercial customer then you’ll need to pay VAT on top of the contract price of £50.00 per month for the first 18 months and £60.00 per month thereafter. VAT is currently charged at 20%. Furthermore, “premium installation”, which is required for commercial properties will incur a charge of £149 VAT exclusive.

      Currently, these are the only products available from toob, but more products will likely be available in the future when the company expands its network.

      How long is the minimum contract length for toob fibre broadband?

      The minimum contract length for toob fibre broadband is one month. This is offered on a rolling contract that continues to charge you each month until you cancel it. As the contract is a rolling contract, you won’t be charged to cancel it, but you may need to give a month’s notice. This kind of contract gives customers the flexibility to change providers when they wish and isn’t offered by most other broadband companies.

      toob Fibre Broadband Checker

      toob’s coverage is currently fairly limited and only covers Southampton and the surrounding areas. They are expanding rapidly and plan to offer broadband to over a million customers in the next ten years, so you may be able to sign up for toob soon. If you want to check whether you can sign up to a toob contract, then you can use this broadband checker.

      If you’re looking for a broadband speed checker, toob doesn’t currently have one of these available on their website. If you wish to check your current broadband speed, visit the website of your current internet service provider and they may have one available.

      How do I check if toob fibre broadband is in my area?

      Checking whether toob fibre broadband is in your area is simple, you just need to visit the toob website and use their availability checker. All you need to do is enter your postcode and the checker will let you know whether you can sign up to toob. Do be aware that as toob only launched in 2020, their network is still fairly limited. If toob isn’t currently available in your area, be sure to check back soon.

      What is toob’s fibre coverage in the UK?

      toob started providing fibre broadband solutions to UK customers in 2020, so they are still very new. As such, their coverage is currently limited to the Southampton area. Southampton became the first city in the UK to be connected to toob, but they plan to cover a much larger area soon. The plan is to provide broadband all across the South Coast of the UK. If toob isn’t available in your area yet and you live in the South Coast, be patient, they’ll be there soon.

      toob fibre broadband availability checker

      Most broadband providers have availability checkers on their websites and toob is no different. If you’re looking to find out whether toob’s fibre broadband is available for your home or business then you can use their free easy-to-use toob fibre broadband availability checker. Just type in your postcode and you’ll find out in seconds whether you can switch to toob.

      toob Fibre Customer Services

      toob’s customer services have received a lot of praise from customers that currently use their fibre broadband. Many have stated that the customer services are excellent for many reasons including that they don’t rely on automated recordings to solve problems. toob’s customer service team are said to be a friendly bunch that can quickly solve any issues that you have with your broadband. If you’re looking to contact their customer services then you can phone them to discuss any issues or enquire about their broadband for the first time.

      toob’s customer services are available to call 7 days a week. Alternatively, you can email them at If you’re currently a customer that is experiencing issues, there is also a troubleshooting page that contains useful information and may solve your problems without needing to contact customer services.

      Like many providers, toob’s customer services department can also be contacted via social media. Just search toob on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get in touch with them this way.

      What is the toob customer service number?

      If you’re looking to phone customer services then you can contact them on 0800 368 9458. This is also the same number that you’ll need to use to contact their Sales team. toob can be contacted via phone 7 days a week between 8 am and 9 pm. If you’re looking to phone them outside of these hours, it may be worth sending an email to instead.