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    About NOW Broadband Fibre

    NOW TV offers fibre broadband in addition to standard broadband in a bundle for their customers, making it easy to add on entertainment as part of your fibre broadband package. As a budget internet provider, does NOW fibre broadband offer the kind of service you’re looking for? Read on to find out more.

    Who owns NOW fibre broadband?

    NOW fibre broadband, and the rest of the NOW TV service, are owned by Sky. NOW is the budget broadband offering provided by Sky to their customer base, as a streaming-based alternative to their typical packages – many of which are based around the popular Sky TV service. NOW was launched by Sky in 2012, and NOW Broadband was introduced in 2016 under the name Now TV Combo. In 2018 NOW rebranded the service to NOW Broadband, offering both fibre and conventional broadband to their customer base.

    Is NOW fibre broadband any good?

    NOW fibre broadband is a strong contender if you’re looking for a 12-month broadband deal that won’t break the bank. With unlimited usage for an affordable price point, NOW matches up to other options in the industry. But the obvious benefit comes from the ability to add TV passes for NOW TV as part of an entertainment package, though these can’t be combined with Sky TV services. Be on the lookout for pass deals, and you might even get access to your favourite NOW TV shows at a discounted rate as part of your bundle.

    NOW Fibre Broadband Speed

    When it comes to picking the right broadband for your individual needs, speed is a factor you’ll want to consider. If you plan to use your internet for scrolling on an iPad occasionally, your needs will be much different to someone that wants to play online games, for example. We take a look at the speeds NOW fibre broadband offers to their customers to help you figure out if their packages are the best fit for your online lifestyle.

    How fast is NOW fibre broadband?

    If you’re after a middle of the road fibre broadband service, that’s exactly what NOW fibre broadband provides. The speeds it offers are middling to average, making it an excellent choice for day to day use. But even with the top tier plan, you won’t be getting 100+ Mbps on your downloads in most cases. It’s worth noting that the average person won’t need anything close to those levels of download speed, so it’s up to you whether you want to pay a premium for a faster service.

    What speeds are available with NOW fibre optic broadband?

    For individuals or families upgrading the fibre from conventional broadband, the expectation is increased speed. NOW offers two tiers of fibre broadband, each of which at least triples to an average download speed of their standard broadband package. With an average of 11 Mbps for Brilliant Broadband, 36 Mbps for Fab Fibre seems a vast improvement. Even better is Super Fibre, with an average of 63 Mbps for a premium monthly price.

    Does NOW fibre broadband guarantee speed?

    NOW does offer a guaranteed minimum download speed as part of your plan, though this isn’t a universal standard guarantee for everyone. Once you sign up to the service, NOW broadband will inform you of your minimum guaranteed speed based on the bottom 10% speed of similar lines. Should your download speed drop below this rate, you’re free to cancel – no fees required. All you need to do is get in touch with the NOW fibre broadband customer service team, and they’ll be able to sort it all out for you.

    NOW Fibre Broadband Review

    If you’re considering NOW fibre broadband, or you’re simply shopping around for the best option in your area to improve your download speed and get online, we’ve got all the details you need. Whether you want to know more about NOW before you sign up to the service or you want to know all the details of what NOW fibre broadband offers, read on for our full review. We offer all the information you need to make the best choice for your individual needs.

    Is NOW fibre broadband good?

    If you’re looking for low-cost, effective fibre broadband for day-to-day use, NOW is an appealing option. With lower prices than Sky, Virgin and BT – and comparable prices to lower-tier brands like Plusnet or Talk Talk – NOW fibre broadband is affordable as an upgrade from a standard broadband package. The download speeds provided are also on the higher end of average for their price bracket. While you won’t get breakneck speeds, even in the Super Fibre package, the simple yet practical plans that the service offers are more than enough for the average household. Unless you need to download huge files or play games online to the highest possible spec, NOW fibre broadband will serve the average home perfectly well. While NOW doesn’t have the fastest speeds on the market by a long shot, it’s perfectly serviceable for the price. As we mentioned, if you don’t have a need for high-intensity fibre, why pay for it? The only potential let down with NOW fibre broadband is there are no cross-bundle options for Sky. As NOW is owned by Sky, it’s a shame that each service is compartmentalised – though understandable, given the difference in price points. On the other hand, you can bundle various NOW TV passes in with your broadband service, which is another benefit that makes NOW fibre broadband a good option for some. NOW is also a what you see is what you get kind of service, which means there are no added extras of bonuses for customers. Of course, it’s worth mentioning all the key selling points of NOW fibre broadband. With the option for no contract, you aren’t tethered to the service, making it easy to switch when you want to or need to. Like many other services, NOW offers unlimited broadband, which means you won’t be capped or face additional charges. Finally, NOW fibre broadband also provides an easy switch service for a few of their competitors, making for a smooth transition with as little downtime as possible. In the age of WFH, that’s more important than ever. So, is NOW fibre broadband good? If you’re after a service that ticks the necessary boxes and provides you with consistent internet, then yes, it is. If you’re after something more, or you require higher download speeds, you may want to look elsewhere – but when it comes to the typical household with two parents and two children, NOW fibre broadband will more than meet your usual day-to-day needs.

    Are NOW fibre upload speeds good?

    Much like download speeds, NOW’s upload speeds for their fibre services remain in the realm of average. For the lower-cost Fab Fibre plan, you’re looking at upload speeds of around 10 Mbps, while the Super Fibre plan offers nearly double that at 19 Mbps. While these numbers look quite different from their average download speeds, this is standard across the board, and the upload speeds that NOW provides is on the competitive side against other budget offerings.

    Is NOW fibre broadband good value for money?

    That all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re after superpowered fibre broadband that does everything in the blink of an eye, NOW fibre broadband won’t be good value for money based on your specific needs. But when it comes to the particular budget fibre niche, NOW fibre broadband certainly isn’t overpriced in the market when compared to similar options available. The rates offered – currently from £23 per month for Fab Fibre and £28 per month for Super Fibre for 12 months – won’t break the bank and provide ample power for the average household. If you’re currently paying over the odds for expensive high-end fibre services, such as Virgin or BT, NOW fibre broadband is a viable, affordable alternative to save that extra money going to waste. As well as being a reasonable upgrade for those currently on a basic non-fibre broadband package.

    NOW Fibre Broadband Packages

    As with many low-cost fibre broadband services, NOW fibre broadband offers multiple tiers to choose from, allowing you to tailor your costs to a plan that works best for you. We’ve detailed the packages that NOW fibre broadband currently offers to their customers. However, these prices could vary – particularly if you add on NOW TV passes on top of your standard plan or any other additional add-ons.

    What NOW fibre packages are available?

    NOW currently offers two specific fibre broadband packages, which is very much the standard across the industry as a whole. This means that’s a ‘standard’ fibre broadband package, known as Fab Fibre, that offers the basics, while the Super Fibre package provides an upgrade on the standard service to improve download and upload speeds. Each service includes line rental, free anytime calls for the first 12 months and unlimited downloads with no capping as standard.

    NOW Fab Fibre

    NOW Fab Fibre is the basic fibre package offered by NOW. Offered as the lower-tier option for fibre, this plan is presented as the most popular option of the NOW broadband plans. With a cost of £23 per month for 12 months, this package is about average when it comes to the prices for basic fibre packages. As part of this plan, you gain access to an average download speed of 36 Mbps, unlimited downloads, free anytime calls within the first 12 months and no activation fee. Line rental is also included in the cost, which is a significant plus. For single or two-person households that aren’t particularly tech-heavy, the NOW Fab Fibre package will do the job. For simply streaming videos or scrolling through social media without a high level of intensity, this lower-cost option is a great fit. Fab Fibre is also an excellent upgrade from a basic broadband package if you’re looking for a little extra power without extending your additional monthly costs too far.

    NOW Super Fibre

    NOW Super Fibre is the more robust offering provided by NOW fibre broadband, offering enhanced download and upload speeds to suit more demanding household needs. Prices for this plan start from £28 for 12 months, and all the same services are offered as the lower Fab Fibre tier: unlimited downloaded, free calls for 12 months, no activation and line rental included in the price. The difference between the Fab and Super Fibre plans is the download speed, with almost double the average speed at 63 Mbps. For family households where multiple streaming services, devices or even video games may be going on at once, Super Fibre offers a little additional leeway. This upgraded service may also be a better fit for anyone working from home, especially in roles where downloading large files and documents is a must. If your household is more tech-savvy and has a whole plethora of internet-accessible devices, Super Fibre might be the best fit for your needs.

    NOW Fibre Broadband Offers

    Are you considering NOW fibre broadband for your home? If you want to get the best deal for your money, it’s always worth being on the look-out for offers. As a service that offers both broadband and streaming services, there’s an even greater chance you can get TV and broadband together for less than you’d pay separately. Here are the current rates, offers and terms for NOW fibre broadband to keep you in the loop.

    how much does NOW fibre broadband cost?

    The cost of NOW fibre broadband will depend on your choice of package. For the more basic and bestselling Fab Fibre plan, you’re looking at £23 per month for 12 months. Alternatively, if you’re after the higher-powered Super Fibre plan, you will be paying £28 per month for 12 months. Line rental is included within that price, though you will need to pay a one-off £5 delivery fee for your new NOW router.

    How long is the minimum contract length for NOW fibre broadband?

    NOW fibre broadband offers a completely contract-free option, which means the minimum contract length is exactly 0 months. But if you’re looking to go into a short-term contract with NOW broadband, the best option for you is probably their 12-month contracts, which their pricing structure is built on.

    Does NOW fibre come with NOW TV?

    NOW fibre broadband does not automatically come with NOW TV included, and you’ll still have to pay something to access the streaming service. But while you won’t get a free pass on TV and movies, there is the option to add the popular Entertainment Pass onto your Fab Fibre broadband plan for £6.99 a month for the first 6 months – saving you £3 a month off the usual £9.99.

    NOW Fibre Broadband Checker

    Want to know if NOW is available in your area, or just interested in what the coverage is like in general? When considering your fibre broadband, picking an option with good coverage is your best bet to finding a service that works well for you. Doing a broadband check is the ideal way to see if NOW fibre broadband is suitable for your home.

    How do I check if NOW fibre broadband is in my area?

    The best way to check if NOW fibre broadband is available near you is to use the coverage checker on NOW fibre broadband’s website. That will give you the most up-to-date guidance on whether your area is included as part of the fibre broadband services that NOW offers. You can also use our postcode checker to find out general availability for NOW and all other broadband services.

    What is NOW’s fibre coverage in the UK?

    NOW is a part of the Sky family, which means their fibre broadband services get access to the unique Sky network – offering them exceptional coverage across most of the UK. Anywhere you can get Sky, you can get NOW fibre broadband. Just about all cities and towns will be covered, as well as the majority of rural areas. Currently, Sky’s network covers 90% of all UK homes with their standard broadband and as much as 95% with fibre broadband. That means everywhere but the most remote of locations will have coverage for NOW fibre broadband.

    NOW fibre broadband availability checker

    If you want to know now if NOW fibre broadband is available in your area, you can use our postcode checker today. We’ll provide you with all the information you need about availability, average speeds and more. Try it out now.

    NOW Fibre Customer Services

    Customer service can play a huge role in which broadband provider you end up choosing. We’ve gathered all the details you’ll need for NOW fibre customer services, whether you want to get in touch with their team, know how to cancel or understand how to check your fibre broadband speed.

    What is the NOW customer service number

    NOW offers their customer service primarily through the online live chat, which is accessible from 8 am-midnight or 8 am-8 pm depending on who you need to talk to. While the platform doesn’t offer easy access to customer service phone numbers – which may count against them for some customers – the number we were able to source was 03303 323050.

    NOW fibre broadband speed test

    Once your fibre broadband is installed, NOW recommends that you test it using any online broadband speed tester. This falls in line with Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice on broadband speeds and is the same regulations followed by all broadband providers.

    How to cancel NOW fibre broadband

    If you don’t have a contract in place for NOW fibre broadband, cancelling is as easy as logging into your account and choosing not to continue. For contracts, the process is a little more complicated. Early termination charges will apply if you are cancelling your contract without a reason that’s permitted in your contract. However, if your cancellation is because the speed of your broadband is below your personal guaranteed speed, these fees will not apply.