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  • B4RN are a specialist Alt Net broadband provider covering the north of England
  • Symmetrical Gigabit broadband speeds of up to 1,000Mbps
  • Covering parts of rural Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Norfolk, the Northeast and Yorkshire
  • Unlimited downloads, no landline required
B4RN 1Gbps Hyperfast Fibre Broadband
B4RN 1Gbps Hyperfast Fibre Broadband

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About B4RN

B4RN has been building a gigabit (1,000Mbps) fibre-to-the-premises network since 2011. It reaches into very remote parts of rural Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Norfolk, the Northeast and Yorkshire. The not-for-profit Community Benefit Society works under a unique model – it is partly funded by local communities, which volunteer their time and grant free wayleaves to help physically build the infrastructure. It’s that way of working which has seen B4RN reach locations considered too expensive by other commercial operators.

Who is B4RN?

Early B4RN projects were dug by hand with volunteers earning shares through digging trenches, carrying equipment and even supporting by making tea! As the organisation has grown the approach has changed and more of the construction is now under taken by contractors. Community groups and volunteers are still heavily involved, though. e,g. Volunteers will work with landowners to agree access rights for the network to cross fields which significantly reduces the installation costs.

How fast is B4RN?

B4RN internet speeds are hyperfast as a standard. All B4RN customers get 1Gbps download AND upload. Symmetrical Gigabit connections are much harder to come by in rural areas. This then makes B4RN a fantastic option for heavy-internet users.B4RN is a key Alt-Net in helping the Government to bring Gigabit Broadband to 85% of UK premises by 2025. This makes them ideal for future-proofing your home and for homes that have a high usage of Broadband- whether that be for running a business, streaming or gaming. The power of FTTP means their speeds is all you will need

How much does B4RN cost?

When considering the cost of full-fibre broadband it is important to understand that full-fibre is the next generation of broadband connection. Just like a new mobile phone, the newer it is the higher the price it carries. The majority of B4RN customers pay just £30/month + a one-off £150 connection fee. Business and other special rates apply – b4rn.org.uk/service/charges. This is an extremely competitive price with the average Alt Net price being around £10 higher.

How long is the minimum contract length with B4RN?

The minimum contract length with B4RN is 12 months. But they don’t have any early exit penalties- which is important to know in case you are ever thinking of cancelling your contract.

How do I check if B4RN is in my area?

To check if B4RN is available in your area head to b4rn.org.uk/postcode-checker and enter your postcode. This will not only show you if B4RN is available but also what realistic maximum speeds you can expect- although B4RN guarantees symmetrical 1000mbps upload and download. Do not worry if they are not in your area, searching like this shows the provider where demand is coming from so gives you a greater chance of being able to get their packages in the future when they expand. 

If B4RN are in your area, the only B4RN problem then is the matter of installation. It requires a physical line to the property if there isn’t one existing. This means there may be a fair bit of digging around the property and disruptions to roads, driveways or gardens prior to your service going live.

What is B4RN’s coverage in the UK?

As an Alt Net, B4RN covers areas of the country where larger providers are in low development or areas that are deemed to be too expensive to cover.B4RN operates in north Lancashire, Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales, the Allen Valleys and small parts of Cheshire and Norfolk. If you’re planning on switching to B4RN, the fastest way to check if they provide coverage in your area is to use the postcode checker on B4RN’s home page. Unfortunately, the biggest B4RN problem is the lack of UK coverage, drastically limiting who can order this service- however, they are growing fast.

What sort of router do you get with B4RN?

The type of router provided with a broadband package is just as important as the speeds you expect with it. For example, if you purchased Gigabit speed broadband but your router was not Gigabit capable, you would not be able to get the advertised speeds. This then makes the choice of router a very important factor in choosing a broadband package. B4RN provide a Zyxel VMG8825-B50B which delivers speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps* over 5 GHz and 600 Mbps* over 2.4 GHz.

What is the B4RN Customer Service number?

If you have any B4RN problems you can contact B4RN’s helpdesk on 01524 55887 or email helpdesk@b4rn.org.uk