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  • Lightning Fibre are a specialist altnet broadband provider covering the South East of the UK
  • Hyperfast broadband speeds of up to 10,000Mbps
  • Covering Eastbourne & Hastings in East Sussex
  • Unlimited downloads,  no landline required, parental controls
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About Lightning Fibre Broadband

Lightning Fibre Broadband describe themselves as a “cutting edge, community minded full fibre network operator and ISP” based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. They are currently on a mission to upgrade the broadband infrastructure around Eastbourne and Hastings and bring most homes across the two towns FTTP/ FTTH. Beginning this mission in 2019 in the TN34, 35, 37 and 38 postcodes, they aim to bring Full-Fibre broadband to around 100,000 premises making them a key Alt-Net in helping the Government to bring Gigabit Broadband to 85% of UK premises by 2025. This makes them ideal for future-proofing your home and for homes that have a high usage of Broadband-whether that be for running a business, streaming or gaming. The power of FTTP means their speeds is all you will need.

Lightning Fibre Broadband Speeds

One of the most important factors in deciding whether a broadband package is right for you is looking at the broadband speeds associated. Having a reliable connection is naturally important but is rendered useless if you are not getting the speeds you need. The old ADSL connections on copper run on average around 12mbps. Using this a benchmark we can see just what difference full-fibre broadband connections make. Aptly named- Lightning Fibre’s speeds range from 100mbps to 1gbps. This means the homes of East Sussex will be able to handle a plethora of devices and as we gradually upgrade our premises into smart homes the assumption of additional devices becomes a certainty. Simply put- the faster your speeds can be now, the more future-proof your home will be. 

How fast is Lightning fibre broadband?

Lightning Fibre keeps their packages simple, they have three plans each boasting impressive speeds with symmetrical upload and download. Lightning Fibre’s first package is called Ultra Lightning and offers speeds of 100mbps. Ultra Lightning Plus has speeds of 500mbps and Hyper Lightning has a huge 1gbps. Comparing this to what is available in the area, Lightning Fibre are the fastest options with most ISPs offering around 60mbps. EE’s Ultimate Fibre packages are the only other in this area that can match Lightning Fibre, offering 300mbps and 900mbps. Based on speed alone- this makes Lightning Fibre a key player and great option in the area it serves.

Lightning fibre broadband reviews

Lightning Fibre boasts a 4.6 star rating on Trustpilot which puts it in the ‘excellent’ category. With reviews talking about quick and clean installations and friendly customer service, it’s everything you need with an Alt Net and has the reputation to match. Despite this, it’s always worth doing your own research to make sure Lightning Fibre is right for you before committing to a contract with them.

Is Lightning fibre broadband good?

If full-fibre internet speed is what you need and you live in the East Sussex area, then yes. There is no reason not to go with Lightning as they are simply one of the best providers in this part of the UK. Their focus on speed leaves other, more mainstream competitors in the copper dust. EE Home Broadband are the only competitors that come close to matching their speeds being 100mbps behind them with their fastest package. Even the busiest households would not struggle on these speeds, whether this be during the working day or using the internet recreationally in the evening. With full-fibre broadband speeds on this level you would be able to do all of these and run smart devices in the background comfortably. 

In terms of if you would be able to receive this kind of service straight away is a different question. Laying fibre connections and building networks takes time, both to physically lay it and then on the technical end to set it up. This is something to bear in mind if you are considering upgrading to fibre as you will be able to get near instant broadband speeds but it will not be installed at the same pace. 

Lightning fibre broadband packages

Lightning Fibre’s emphasis on full-fibre has many multi-faceted benefits, as previously mentioned but arguably their packages are rather stripped back. Their offering is full fibre only. Unlike some competitors which may offer ADSL packages or fibre with phone line or a SIM etc. This gives customers more freedom and flexibility when building packages that fit their habits. On the other hand, customers who would not utilize full-fibre would be better off looking for cheaper packages. For example, if your internet habits are checking emails, surfing and scrolling social media then upgrading to full-fibre would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Try our postcode checker to see what else is in your area.

How much does Lightning fibre broadband cost?

Full-fibre is of course the up-and-coming next generation of broadband connection which means it still carries a premium. Dependent on your contract length, you can expect to be paying anywhere from £29- with Ultra Lightning on a 24 month contract to £74 per month for Hyper Lightning on a 1 month contract. Compared to EE Home Broadband, this is on the more expensive side but unlike EE as Lightning Fibre serves a smaller area than EE you can guarantee a great standard of customer service and support. Lightning Fibre’s cost effectiveness therefore, is dependent on what you place value on.

How long is the minimum contract length for Lightning fibre broadband?

When you sign-up to a Lightning Fibre contract you can your contact will be a minimum of 1 month. There are also 12 month and 24 month alternative plans. After this time the price of your connection may rise. Despite being the shortest, the 1 month plan has the highest costs so economically it may work out cheaper to opt for a longer plan. 

Lightning fibre broadband checker

Only homes in parts of East Sussex will have access to Lightning Fibres coverage. Before you sign-up for a 1,12 or 24 month contract, you’ll want ro make sure that you can get the connection you need. 

How do I check if Lightning fibre broadband is in my area?

Head to the postcode checker on our website and search your postcode. If you live outside of East Sussex then you will not currently be able to get Lightning Fibre, but it is worth contacting them as they may add you to a waiting list. If they know there is demand in an area they are not yet in, they will be more likely to look at this when expanding their network.

What is Lightning fibre’s coverage in the UK?

At present, Lightning Fibre’s coverage is limited to parts of East Sussex- specifically Eastbourne and Hastings. They have plans to grow their network but have not made any announcements to date. If you’re planning on switching to Lightning Fibre, the fastest way to check if they provide coverage in your area is to use the postcode checker on our home page. 

Lightning fibre broadband availability checker

To check the availability of Lightning Fibre, head to our Compare Fibre postcode checker and enter your postcode to see if they are available in your area. 

Lightning fibre customer services

Lightning Fibre’s customer service has been rated excellent on Trustpilot. One of the benefits about using an Alt Net is they have a smaller customer base than national providers, such as Virgin. Therefore, their customer support team and installation engineers will have more time to spend properly dealing with your queries. Having a smaller customer base also increases your value to them. They can be contacted over the phone or via email with: 

01323 380 260

What is the Lightning fibre customer service number?

If you need to speak to the Lightning Fibre customer service team, there are two ways to get in touch. You can call them on 01323 380 260 or send an email to If you need a troubleshooting guide see