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  • GoFibre is the most advanced Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre provider in the UK
  • Speeds up to 2000Mbps
  • Covering the Wider Scotland and the Scottish Borders. 
  • Unlimited downloads
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About GoFibre

Before signing up for any broadband provider, it’s important to make sure you know a little about the company you’re teaming with, including the provider’s history, principles, and working practices. When it comes to GoFibre they claim to be the most advanced Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre provider in the UK. They offer a number of fibre broadband packages at varying speeds and price points.

Who is GoFibre?

GoFibre is a relatively young provider, founded in 2017. GoFibre is the most advanced Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre provider in the UK. They promise to deliver an out-of-this-world online experience to every single one of our customers. Their unique Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre Network delivers the fastest broadband speeds available in the UK, directly to your door.

GoFibre Broadband Speed

Whatever your requirements, there’s a good range of speeds available with GoFibre broadband packages. Offered at a range of price points, GoFibre offers broadband packages with average download speeds of 100Mbps all the way up to 2000Mbps. Customers in need of broadband to browse simple web pages and send emails should consider opting for a more basic package, while customers needing fast broadband for downloading, streaming, and gaming should take a look at GoFibre’s premium packages.

How fast is GoFibre Fibre broadband?

GoFibre offers a number of packages available at a range of speeds. Broadband connections are measured by two kinds of speed: download speed and upload speed. The download speed of a broadband service measures how fast information and images can be downloaded. This includes loading web pages, emails, images, and even streaming TV and games. Upload speed measures how quickly data can be uploaded via the internet connection. Upload speeds are typically slower than download speeds, and they’re also usually less of a priority for most customers. This might affect how quickly you can upload videos to YouTube, but it might also affect the quality of video calls on Skype, WhatsApp, and other platforms. The range of speeds offered by GoFibre should have most customers covered, though it’s important to remember that broadband connections don’t always run at their advertised speeds, particularly in rural locations.

GoFibre Fibre Broadband Review

Reviews are a great way to get to grips with the quality of the broadband provider you’re considering signing a contract with. Whether your provider is any good will depend on their broadband service reliability, speed, and customer service and support. With GoFibre being a relatively young provider, they do not have a large amount of reviews at present but in terms of credibility, they won a Scottish Borders Business Excellence awards in 2019.

What GoFibre packages are available?

GoFibre have a wide variety of packages for both residential and business customers. They specialise in full-fibre broadband on a 12 month contract. Speeds of these packages range from an already speedy 120Mbps to 2000Gbps.

How much does GoFibre broadband cost?

The cost of GoFibre broadband depends on which package customers opt for. The cheapest packages start at £32 per month for 120Mbps, while GoFibre’s most expensive package is 1000Mbps, which is available for £118 per month. This then makes GoFibre one of the more higher priced Alt Nets in terms of bandwidth for buck’ as compared to B4RN who can provide 1000Gbps for £30 per month. However, this doesn’t make GoFibre a bad option. They may be the only dedicated full-fibre provider in their area of coverage making them the only option. Building a full-fibre network is no easy task and is still a growing technology, this is how GoFibre justify the prices they have. They will also create value in other ways such as customer service and quality of connection.

How long is the minimum contract length for GoFibre broadband?

All GoFibre contracts are on a standard 12 month basis. This is a pretty reasonable minimum contract length and most providers offer contracts of between 12 and 24 months.

GoFibre Checker

If GoFibre might be for you, the next step is to check whether this provider serves your area of the UK. GoFibre serves various parts of wider Scotland and the Socttish borders. If GoFibre doesn’t provide coverage in your area, you won’t be able to sign up for their broadband packages, but you can use their postcode checker to find out.

How do I check if GoFibre is in my area?

The GoFibre website has a postcode checker, which you can use to check whether GoFibre broadband covers your area. Simply type your postcode into the box to check if GoFibre coverage is available to you.

What is the GoFibre customer service number?

If you’re experiencing issues that can’t be fixed online or you want to chat more about GoFibre broadband packages, you can contact them during business hours for advice, help, or problems with your GoFibre broadband service on  08000 590 980.