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  • Fibrehop are an Alt Net providing Gigabit broadband in the Milton Keynes area
  • Gigabit broadband speeds of up to 1,000Mbps (peak average of 700-900Mbps) 
  • Covering the Milton Keynes area
  • Unlimited downloads, no landline required
Fibrehop Gigabit Full-Fibre Broadband 900
Fibrehop Gigabit Full-Fibre Broadband 900

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About Fibrehop

Before signing up for any broadband provider, it’s important to make sure you know a little about the company you’re teaming with, including the provider’s history, principles, and working practices. There’s a lot to know about Fibrehop. They believe in full-fibre for all. With an affordable, world-class internet service, they are bringing the gigabit revolution to homes across Milton Keynes. Their focus is on bandwidth and speed and their infrastructure is powered by CityFibre.

Who is Fibrehop?

Fibrehop are part of Triangle Networks. They work to bring full-fibre broadband to the homes of Milton Keynes with an emphasis on Gigabit connections. (1000Mbps). With a focus on Gigabit full-fibre broadband, this makes them one of the key Alt Nets in the rollout to bring Gigabit Broadband to 85% of UK premises by 2025- as set by the UK Government. Fibrehop use CityFibre’s new state-of-the-art full-fibre network to deliver a lightning-fast connection to your home. Unlike ‘superfast’ part-fibre, part-copper broadband, Fibrehop provides only 100% pure fibre. You’ll get ultra-fast, ultra-reliable broadband – that’ll stand up to even the most data hungry households. That means you and your family can work, stream and game without limits.

How fast is Fibrehop?

Broadband connections are measured by two kinds of speed: download speed and upload speed. The download speed of a broadband service measures how fast information and images can be downloaded. This includes loading web pages, emails, images, and even streaming TV and games. Upload speed measures how quickly data can be uploaded via the internet connection. Upload speeds are typically slower than download speeds, and they’re also usually less of a priority for most customers. This might affect how quickly you can upload videos to YouTube, but it might also affect the quality of video calls on Skype, WhatsApp, and other platforms. Fibrehop offers one sole package of Gigabit Broadband. This means 1000 Mbps but Fibrehop suggest the peak average will be closer to 700-950Mbps. These speeds are still far greater than FTTC and ADSL connections and are great for homes that use a lot of internet. Fibrehop is a key Alt Net in helping the Government to bring Gigabit Broadband to 85% of UK premises by 2025. This makes them ideal for future-proofing your home and for homes that have a high usage of Broadband- whether that be for running a business, streaming or gaming. The power of FTTP means their speeds is all you will need.

How much does Fibrehop cost?

With only one package available with Fibrehop, there is only one price to mention. On a 12 month contract, Fibrehop is £36.50 per month for full fibre Gigabit broadband. This is a very competitive price with the benchmark average for Alt Net Gigabit connection being around £40 a month. Specifically in Milton Keynes also, this is a very good option as other Alt Nets providing this service simply do not exist at this time. Therefore, location and speed relative to cost suggest this is a good option.

How long is the minimum contract length with Fibrehop?

Fibrehop’s Gigabit full fibre broadband is offered with a minimum contract length of 12 months, which means customers will be charged an exit fee if they decide to change provider before the 12 month period has passed. This is a pretty reasonable minimum contract length and most providers offer contracts of between 12 and 24 months.

How do I check if Fibrehop is in my area?

The Fibrehop website has a postcode checker here (, which you can use to check whether Airband fibre broadband deals are available in your area. Simply type your postcode into the box to check if Airband coverage is available to you. Fibrehop currently offers coverage to Milton Keynes only. If they aren’t operating in your area at the moment, it’s worth keeping an eye out; this broadband provider is always looking for new areas to expand into.

What is Fibrehop’s coverage in the UK?

Fibrehop do not currency offer nationwide coverage. Instead they are limited to the Milton Keynes area only. If you’ve checked and you’re not living in an area covered by Fibrehop, you can also get in touch with the company and suggest your area as Fibrehop’s next project.

What sort of router do you get with Fibrehop?

The type of router provided with a broadband package is just as important as the speeds you expect with it. For example, if you purchased Gigabit speed broadband but your router was not Gigabit capable, you would not be able to get the advertised speeds. This then makes the choice of router a very important factor in choosing a broadband package. Fibrehop provide a free ultra-powerful wireless router as part of their packages.

Fibrehop Broadband Review

Broadband providers websites can be very persuasive, so it’s always best to research existing customer experiences. Fibrehop has a Trustpilot score of 4.0 stars, putting them in the good category. Key themes of the reviews suggest they provide a good reliable service that is a major upgrade from old FTTC. However, the poor reviews point out drop out in service and issues with the underlying CityFibre infrastructure.

What is the Fibrehop Customer Service number?

If you have any Fibrehop problems you can drop the Fiberhop help team an email to